Steemit Update [ February 14th, 2022 ] - Crypto Academy Season 6 / Week 2 Courses

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Steemit Crypto Academy is back with another set of courses for week 2 of Season 6.

In case you are joining this week, please note that there are several changes in how the Academy is operating in Season 6 so make sure you read this post carefully.

The main change is that there are no separate levels this season. Everyone is free to do all the homework tasks as long as they meet the minimum requirements for the Crypto Academy.

Season 6 will also be focussing on crypto trading, including team trading contests coming soon.

Season 6 / Week 2 Courses

The courses this week are…

@shemul21 [ Bangladesh ] - assisted by @dilchamo [ Sri Lanka ]

@fredquantum [ Nigeria ] - assisted by @kouba01 [ Tunisia ]

@reminiscence01 [ Nigeria ] - assisted by @nane15 [ Venezuela ]

@imagen [ Venezuela ] - assisted by @pelon53 [ Venezuela ]

@abdu.navi03 [ Pakistan ] - assisted by @reddileep [ Sri Lanka ]

Season 6 Requirements & Rewards

To take part in the weekly courses students will need to have a minimum reputation of 60 and at least 250 Steem Power of their own (not delegated to them).

Please note - the minimum Steem Power requirement will be increasing to 300 SP from Week 3.

Students must also be correctly participating in #club5050, #club75 or #club100.

You must also not be powering down, nor using any vote buying or bid-bot services, nor delegating to any ‘investment services’ or bid-bots.

Anyone meeting these requirements can do any or all of the weekly homework tasks.

Homework posts with a grade of at least 5 out of 10 will receive a percentage vote from @steemcurator02 (4 million SP) of 2 x the grade. For example, for a grade of 8 out 10 a post will receive a 16% vote.

Votes will be increased for those correctly participating in #club75 or #club100.

These extra votes will not be given if you are using the #club75 or #club100 tags incorrectly, so make sure you are familiar with the requirements and check your balances with

Homework Guidelines

We are keen to ensure that all contributions to the Steemit Crypto Academy are of as high a standard as possible.

While the Crypto Professors may set specific requirements for some of their homework tasks we would suggest all students follow these basic guidelines…

  • Title the post with the format - Your Title - Crypto Academy / S6W2 - Homework Post for [name of Crypto Professor]
  • Homework posts should be at least 300 words
  • All work should be your own - plagiarism will not be tolerated
  • Any graphs, screenshots, quotes etc used from other sources should be fully referenced
  • Any images used should be from copyright-free sources and fully referenced
  • Homework posts should include the tag #cryptoacademy and the tag specifically required for each homework task in the first five tags. Posts should also include a tag for your country.
  • Tag the relevant Crypto Professor to help them find your homework post.

Please make sure you send your homework posts into the Crypto-Academy community…

Homework posts should be submitted no later than 11.59pm UTC, on Saturday, February 19th, 2022.

Please check each Professor’s post carefully for any special instructions they have given for their homework task.

Following all these guidelines carefully will help you gain higher vote rewards for your homework posts.

The Crypto Professors will be on the lookout for plagiarism, content farming and other forms of abuse.

Anyone found doing any of these will risk being banned from the Crypto Academy.

We hope you enjoy Season 6 of the Crypto Academy.

There may be tweaks as the weeks progress. Make sure you check @steemitblog regularly for any changes to the rules.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

 2 years ago 
Hello, dear @steemitblog. As much as you’re doing a good job to spread good rewards and encourage students to keep participating in the steemit crypto academy, I respectfully think you’re doing a shitty job right now with the rewards. The steemcurator02 account at this very moment I am writing this comment is voting students with voting power of 77%, myself being one of these students. Looking at the current price of STEEM coupled with the low voting power of the steemcurator02 account, even a 20% upvote only gives a student around a $15 vote. Reward for assignment that takes days and sometimes even a week to do. This is even assuming the student scores a 10/10 mark.


The aggrieving part is that half of this reward is expected to be powered up leaving the student only the other half to use to solve their cashflow problems. As much enthused as we are to learn here, I believe many will agree with me that the rewards incentivizes students to put in their best and work hard. The students are talking and if this is not revised or given attention, I fear that there will be lesser and lesser participants in the academy over the coming weeks and I think we all can agree that that won’t be good for anyone.

This is merely my suggestion which you can choose to ignore at your discretion, but I believe it will be best if steemcurator stepped in to help with the curation. At least a 20% upvote from sc01 will reward a student more than the same percentage upvote from sc02, and the two curators can even take turns curating when one’s voting power is drained. The students of the crypto academy loves the academy and want to keep studying in this environment. But most of us are fr countries suffering financially and this, steemit, the crypto academy is how we make ends meet. Like I said, you can ignore this, but please, do consider this. Thank you

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much for the information related to the Crypto Academy :) And what about increasing the VP of the steecurators' accounts to 500 000 SP? Has it been already set what day it will be made? Thanks in advance for the response!

Sir how to find club status wheather i am club50 club75 club100

 2 years ago 

You can use this to check your club status.

  • Club50 = 50% power up against 50% transfer out within 1month

  • Club75 = 75% power up against 25% transfer out within 2month. For example, a transfer out of 25 STEEM should be followed by a power up of 75 STEEM within 60 days

  • Club100 = 100% power up against 0% transfer out within 3month

Hello @steemitblog,

I'm following club100 since last month as I didn't withdraw anything from my wallet since last 4 Months.

But Professors deducted my marks for club5050 by mentioning that I'm not following club5050

Yes, I didn't powerUp anything in last 30 days. But I haven't seen a rule anywhere that we should powerup every Month.

So, If I'm not withdrawing anything from last 4, 5 Months and Only poweringUp that means I'm following club100

That's a serious issue for me. Please have a look at it Because I put a lot of effort in my tasks but Professor's gave 0 marks for club505 and I was not eligible for votes.

Thank You


Among the rules to be eligible to subscribe to club5050, you must transfer at least half of your earnings for a month to your SP wallet whatever the terms.

Are You serious?

I'm following club100 and for that we don't need to transfer out anything for 3 months . I have asked this same question again and again they said yes. If you are not withdrawing anything then that means you are following clubs (Doesn't matter if You PowerUp half of the earnings or not).

Please Check again and ask the team as well if You want. (I have not withdrawn anything since4, 5 Months and also PowerUp more than 1000 Steem in last 4 Months) Yes, I earned more than 2000 Steem in Last 4 Months but I haven't withdraw anything, just saving them for a project here on Steemit.

@salmanwains Are you sure about that?
I also didn't withdraw anything for last 5 months. So if I didn't power up all my earnings then am i not eligible?

N.B. All my rewards are stayed as SBD and only steem

I have asked them again and again. And I think I am right on that point.

Let's see what they say it openly here again. I have already told them that I'm not withdrawing anything to save my steem for a new Project here on Steemit. But I was also PoweringUp in last months not this Month.

So, If I have not withdrawn anything in last 4 Months and poweredUp 1000+ Steem that should be mean that I'm following club100.

I need an answer from an official here in this comment or I request @steemitblog to write this rule in their post so that everybody knows about it.


 2 years ago (edited)

Dejame te explico amigo salmanwains. para participar en el club5050 debes potenciar activamente el 50% de tus recompensas, independientemente si retiraste o no el otro 50%..


En la primera grafica dice que el TOTAL DE TUS RECOMPENSAS GANADAS hiciste power up nada mas el 7%.

Para participar debes potenciar al menos el 50% para entrar en el club5050.

El power up deben ser activamente, inmediatamente que recibas una recompensa debes hacer tu power up.

Si no retiraste okeys, esta valido solo que acumules tus recompensas. Pero si se debe hacer el power up correspondiente a tu power up del 50%, 75% o 100%

No, I don't believe this. As I haven't seen they mentioned a rule like that in any of their post.

Moreover, I am not withdrawing but saving Steem here to start a new Project which will be launched soon.

Lo que yo entiendo es que estar dentro del club5050, club75 o club100 significa hacer powerup por esos porcentajes, el hecho de tener guardados tus steem sin hacer powerup no creo que se tome como estar en club100.

@salmanwains I also agree about that

Hi! As the teacher and another user have already told you, being in the clubs means powering up at least 50% of your rewards, and it is limited to the last 30 days.

On the other hand, what is the point of having liquid rewards without power up?

It obviously means that you can withdraw them at any time, so you can't "assume" that you'll power up.

That is clearly understood.

In my case I power up and decide which club I am in as the deadline on the 1st of each month, there you must make the decision, because 30 days is the deadline.

What you are saying about withholding liquid rewards has nothing to do with clubs 5050, 75 or 100.

I hope this explanation helps you.

This is my first day here, and I have 0 followers and 0 for everything, I like this platform and I'm moving my content here from all other social media platforms, follow me and I'll follow back so we can keep in touch, thanks in advance ❤

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