Summary of my work as a CryptoAcademy Promoter - Week ended today 12/9/2021



It has been a great week of work actively promoting the crypto academy and steemit in general. I have put in place promotion strategies to attract the right kind of users that would like to get involved in the crypto Academy. So I need to show a summary of my efforts so far in the work as a promoter. Here is what I was able to accomplish in this week that just concluded.

My target for the Week that ended

The crypto academy is a little bit a different level of writing which would ordinarily require not just an average or new blogger. Someone with a little background IT knowledge would do well in it more than someone that is just learning to write for the first time. So this week, I targeted user groups that have some background knowledge in the field of IT. This past week, I targeted 2 groups and held productive meetings with them. They include:

  • A Senior lecturer in Computing department I went to visit this lecturer in Abia State Polytechnic because he is not just good in IT, he is into blockchains and control a very large number of Computer Science students that are in their last few years in the Computer Science department. I have signed him up @psalmskalu and he is working on his introduction post. We have worked to set up a date between Friday 17th or Saturday 18th September 2021 to address final year Computer Science students on how to join the academy. Before this date, @psalmskalu introduction post would be ready.


Selfie with @psalmskalu

  • Two Google- Certified Android Developer experts: I have gone to meet 2 young community leaders in my city who are google-certified android developers. They have a very large community of programmers that are into mobile software development. unfortunately, none was on seat when I visited on Wednesday. They travelled to Ghana for an IT event. But I was able to secure their phone contacts and right now, we have scheduled to meet on Wednesday 16th September 2021. These people were my coursemates in Computer Science. I would try to reason with them on the importance of joining the academy and giving me access to a large crowd of their members who are all experts in development of apps and mobile app soolutions. If am able to get that large crowd possibly numbering into the thousands, then it would be a great success in promoting the Academy to this large IT group.
  • The Steem Road Show: The past week, I participated in the Steem Road Show where we try to promote Steemit to people we meet in busy road junctions. It was a great outing on Tuesday and Friday. I was able to sign up a few people and currently, I have run mentorship classes for them as some of them would want to fully understand Steemit before kicking off. The online classes have been effective. A physical class I scheduled for the weekend was disturbed by the rains. But I expect to get many achievement 1 posts completed over the weekend and by Monday.

Summary of my Recruits

So below are some of my recruits for the week as they are still work in progress.

S/NUsernameDone Achievement 1 Post?

Note: The last two were among those that were recruited on Friday from our campaign inside Abia State Polytechnic. @psalmskalu the lecturer is currently overseeing a project defense and would startup fully on this coming Wednesday

My target and Strategy this week

I will run a sponsored ad in Nairaland, the largest forum in Nigeria with more than 2 million users. The ad will target cryptocurrency community, career and writing boards. Also, I will continue mentoring the new ones signed up as well as run online classes. Our Steem Road show is another activitiy that I will participate in to try to register many new ones and guide them to achievement 4 so that they can start.


I nominate @suzzy18 who have show outstanding desire to join the academy and its working hard to achieve that. Her achievement 2 post is almost ready. Here is a link to her Achievement 1 post


The results of my campaign this week would be fully seen in the first few days of the coming week. As this was the start of the promotion campaign, the results of the efforts this week will start to manifest from the coming week as most of the recruits will be doing their posts.

There are are a good number too that could not sign updue to their weekend schedule. But then, I am sure of their commitment to the Steem platform from the coming week when they will have time to register and start working fast on their achievement posts.


It is really good to work with outstanding steemians in this promoting assignment,we will achieve great success