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RE: Steemit Update [ March 7th, 2022 ] - Crypto Academy Season 6 / Week 3 Courses

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While trying to attempt homework tasks, i observed that three tasks are more or less same with little differences and are such topics that have been covered earlier too. What impression does it produces ?

  • Does it mean that , there is lack of coordination among professors and also with steemit team? Probably, yes .

  • Does it mean that we lack content producers ? I don't think so .

  • Does it mean that there is no organisation of content within the academy ? Strongly yes , as per my opinion.

For me as old user, such organisational framework of content is monotonous and boring .It doesn't promote learning . Undoubtedly , new users may need such lectures , but not in such unorganised manner . They may resort to content farming or paraphrasing because answering a single Q thrice is liable to such risks and therefore quality compromise.

The only kick of trading contests has been removed as well . I concluded it on a remark that , there is lack of content organisation within the academy and it needs to be addressed.


It is unfortunate that this happens, I stopped following the academy a long time ago for this very reason. There were undoubtedly better teachers more qualified with respect to trading, but they are only looking for whoever increases their voting power, regardless of whether or not they have knowledge about cryptocurrencies and trading. Much of the new content is repetitive and basic, so much so that I lost faith in the project a long time ago.

 2 years ago 

I don't doubt credibility of professors but I think there must be coordination between the professors and with the steemit team too so as to have well structured course . We are having great team of professors but there is lack of content organisation. We are not here to only gain upvotes but my primary goal is to learn . It was easy otherwise to create one post and publish three tasks with little additional efforts but that is not going to promote learning , undoubtedly i would gain rewards . However , I'll be doing only one. All we can do is to raise our queries in a good faith for the betterment of academy.

I understand. I was unhappy with the selection of teachers in this 6th season, but like you, I think the most important thing is learning and more with finance and I think the most important thing is practice and many of them resort to theory or content as I said VERY basic. This is season 6, there is already a very good background, with respect to previous seasons, but, it is incredible that they are still teaching support and resistance and giving extremely basic concepts of cryptocurrencies.


 2 years ago 

I think the lessons are not bad because we have new learners in this academy everyday, even us old learners will learn something from this various topics if we partake in it because it refreshes our knowledge on the topics concern. Learning about resistance and support is very important to traders so I see the various topics very useful.

If the question would have been about the division of levels into beginners, intermediate and advance as before, then it could have been good because this various topics would have been categorized according to their levels

But in all, the academy is extremely more interesting than before because I think there is no student that will complain he can't trade despite studying in the crypto academy. So the trading contest competition is really a good initiative introduced by the steemit team and I applaud them for that

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