Yes @davidfar - @steemcurator04 is now dedicated to supporting posts about music and the arts...

You might also want to connect with @donatello who runs the Dance and Music community.

I always appreciate your support and thank you for introducing @davidfar to the Dance and music community.

It is a good job, Im happy to hear about it. Keep up the good works 💯

Greetings friend @davidfar

It is my duty to inform you that we have to share exclusive content for Steemit,.

Cc: @donatello, @steemcurator01

Hi my friend, Exclusive posts needs more explanation, like what should we do with music? When you release a song you dont just release it on one platform, you share it everywhere.

That's right friend, however, you can show a different video than the one posted on another platform, or maybe give priority to Steemit to post their songs....

I think I have find a way for it, I write different words for each posts

Correct, I think that way you can give him another way to present his musical work.

Hi, please feel free to create your music posts in the "Dance and music" community!

Hi there, sure, thank you :)

I am very glad to hear it. Because I like music. What do you mean by music and art in the form of photos or videos?

@awesononso - Do not make comments about a subject you clearly know nothing about.

What about the Community Curators?

 2 years ago (edited)

I 'm not agree with you brother!!
Steemit award system is totally decentralied , if you have a good steem power you can upvote any of post that catch your attention and if you are a good content creator and have also good steem power like you then steemit is an ocean for you can write anything your problems,your skills,your likes your dislikes for every purpose you have,,
Just need a quality and structured content with pictorial information..

I know many of users from my country Pakistan & also from all over the world that write quality content on various topics and gain huge support from @steemcurator01 & sc02

And for support more to quality content creators those who not have good sp curator teams are also introduced from all over the world .

They should support all the users who are sharing their content here, even if they are not in Academy.

Steemit started with a message: your voice has a value, so I suggest them to get back to that message and make some changes in steemit. and show love to all content creators.

You are free to blog about anything you want.

As you prefer a decentralized platform, you obviously do not want the 'centralized' votes from @steemcurator02 - so they have been removed.

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