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RE: Steemit Update [ February 7th, 2022 ] - Crypto Academy Season 6 / Week 1 Courses

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There are many ways you can build your reputation. Below are some of the most used ways to increase it:

  1. Post 1 high quality content daily
  2. Post in different communities of your liking. Give value in these communities.
  3. Engage with other users. Put meaningful comments on other authors' posts.
  4. Post high quality content. Again? Because it is really important.
  5. Participate in different contests organized in different communities. Follow @disconnect for updates on all the contest available for participation.
  6. Have patience, and keep posting good quality content.

Hi @cryptogecko. Can you please suggest me some good communities as I will make good quality content regularly. So, I need a good community.

 8 months ago 


Mr thank you very much I will keep doing the necessary things I can to improve on my account.

Thanks a lot for this valuable comment.

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