Steemit Crypto Academy Contest Season 4 Week 1 [Summary] - Crypto Market Technical Analysis




Dear, community members. The first week of Season 4 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge has ended and the new week is running already we hope you will join us in this contest- Steemit Crypto Academy Contest Season 4 Week 2 - Decentralized Finance. We are sharing this article to give a summary of the participation in our contest for week 1 where you will get to know the numbers of entries received, the winners and so on.

The contest hosted in the community last was themed "Crypto Market Technical Analysis" where participants are expected to show us what they understand about technical analysis in the crypto ecosystem, their practical knowledge, and what they think of a few components of technical analysis and other tasks assigned in the contest.

Users have been able to come up with great articles as regards the topic which we have attended to adequately as moderators. In addition, participants shared their opinions on technical indicators' effectiveness and how their favorite indicators can be utilized for trading. Users who have made a few inconsistencies in the process were corrected on their entries.


Statistics of the Participation

At the end of the contest, we received a total of 41 entries with 8 marked as invalid for several reasons like- no club, unverified users, articles that didn't comply with the contest tasks, and so on. 1 article was found to be plagiarized in the last contest. In essence, only 32 out of the total entries were found to be valid in the contest.

Total Entries Invalid Entries Plagiarized Content
41 8 1

SCA S4W1 Summary 2. png
Scores Distribution

SCA S4W1 Summary. png
Performance Distribution

The dominating grade in the contest fall under the very good category with a total of 37% while articles that made it to the excellent category are just 7% and 5% scored below average (below 5).


Top 3 Users for the Week

One of the first few things considered for the selection of top winners for the week in the contest is the performance by grade but that is not enough to make the judgment, it's an engagement challenge that requires proper interaction with others.

We have checked how many articles our participants have interacted with, some articles were left out of the selection because of low interaction, some made it because of high interaction and in cases where we have equal comments from two or more users, performance by grade was employed to choose who won. Below are our top 3 articles for last week.

Ranking Username Article
1 @sadiqxylo Link
2 @drqamu Link
3 @starrchris Link


We sincerely appreciate our participants for the week, you made it a successful one and none of your participation was taken for granted. For those who were disqualified in the contest, learn to do the right thing as suggested by our moderators. Thank you and we look forward to your participation in the new week contest.




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;) Holisss...

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 last year 

Congrats to fellow winners for their efforts . Thanks to cryptoacademy.

Wae ,,, congrat winner

 last year 

Well, these engagements are good but what i don't like is where my posts for good 3 weeks were not voted and this does not really encouraged members to be active and motivated in the engagement.

The process where someone will have 6 5/10 + and his/her post will not be voted is not encouraging! Please the team should look into this! Thank you.

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