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Hello guys,

Previously I really thank @steemitblog for being willing and organizing Summary & Feedback for this Steemit Crypto Academy Community. I think this is the right time for all members who participate in the Steemit Crypto Academy Class to provide their insights and suggestions so that the Steemit Crypto Academy Community can develop and be more advanced.

Well, I myself may have been absent from taking classes at Steemit Crypto Academy in the previous season, this was due to one reason or another. but I also have questions and criticisms for our community, and I will start from the questions suggested by @steemitblog and I will provide feedback, in the form of:

  • What works well with the Academy?

The so-called academy is a place where people gather to learn what they want to master as a new science. and I think this Community really provides useful knowledge for its members in learning about Crypto Science. Not to mention that this community also has professors who are really experts in giving lessons. Of course, this is not an easy thing and we as members should thank the professors and appreciate it.

This Community has also brought many changes to the Steem Ecosystem where STEEM will be busier and will also be more developed, with this many Activities and Communities, of course I also hope that it is not only about Crypto, but the Steemit team is also considering Opening Another Academy, so that all Layers in Steemit can also develop.

And if the question is, what works well in academy ? I think what is running now is good, such as:

  • Courses launched by each Profesoer are also very useful and explained in detail which makes it easy for students to understand.
  • The Assessment System of All Professors in my opinion is also very good and Professional

  • What's not working well?

And, apart from what I have described, about anything that has gone well, of course there are also shortcomings that I think still exist in our community, such as:

  • Too many regulations which in my opinion can hinder the desire of new users who want to jump in or take courses at the steemit crypto academy. (I took a sample for the beginner course, where new users are required to Power Up 150 SP during the previous one month period, I think this is a complicated thing for new users to do)
  • There are several Professors who use their own language, which makes it a bit difficult for members to understand the context of the courses given.
  • There are still shortcomings regarding the Plagiarism policy carried out by many Members, which are overlooked by the Professors, I think the monitoring of policies and violations of each course assignment must be improved again.
  • And many lessons are still monotonous in my opinion.

  • How will you improve the Academy, What changes will you make for the upcoming Academy season?

If the question is like this, of course I cannot answer selfishly, but if I am given the opportunity to improve this community, of course I want to make changes such as:

  • Make it easy for new Members to take courses in this Community, by reducing some requirements for beginners course such as (Power Up with sufficient SP, and Must Complete All Beginners' Tasks, )
  • Increase weekly course material, for example 3 courses for beginner level, 3 courses for intermediate, and 3 courses for advanced classes, and of course this requires more professors.
  • Create a special team to monitor or review each participant's task so that each posted task is free from plagiarism, seeding accounts, and so on.
  • Verify Every Account posting on Community To avoid any nursery accounts or spam accounts.

  • What do you think of the grading scheme for Academy posts? And which gifts are available?

The grading scheme given for the Academy Posts in my opinion is very good and meets the achievement targets, but for the professors I hope they review carefully each post of course assignments, so that they can really give good grades so that members don't feel disadvantaged , and vice versa, if there are members who commit violations, must be acted on firmly, and give penalties to violators.

And so far, the Professors have done a good job in providing Courses and providing ratings for each post, and also I feel they deserve to be well appreciated.

  • You can also tell us what you liked best, and what you learned from the Academy.

Since joining and following the course at the academy, I like everything in this Community, Starting from the Community Members who are very friendly and kind, as well as the Professors who are very skilled in giving courses and they also don't hesitate to reply to any questions in the academy. Comment.

And from the Professors as well as this academy, I learned many things from them. Initially I never did Crypto Trading, I'm just an enthusiastic person in this world, where I want to get extra money for free, yes I used to only play Crypto faucets, follow Airdrop, and so on where I only wanted free Coins. In the past I didn't know the world of trading either, what I had in mind was that trading was high risk, I was afraid of losing.

but after, I studied Trading Techniques and trading science at the Academy, I finally understood, that Crypto Trading must be based on science, and also good analytical techniques, and this is where I just tried to do more things in this Crypto World.

  • Does the Academy inspire you to continue learning more about crypto subjects? If so, how and where have you expanded your crypto learning?

Yes, of course this class at the Academy really inspired me to continue learning about Crypto and also encouraged me to look for new income opportunities for me.

In addition to the Academy, I also expand my knowledge of Crypto on the Platform and other critical forums, such as:

  • Did the Academy inspire you to start trading in cryptocurrencies? If so, which one?

As I said earlier, that since I studied crypto courses at the Academy, I have dared to do trading activities and also do some staking on the platform which provides benefits for me.

Although not with a large capital, I was brave and got some benefits from the trading activities that I did.

These are some of the trading histories that I did on the local crypto trading platform in my country, namely Indodax.


Well, that's the feedback that I can convey at this time, more and less I apologize and I really hope this Academy can be continued and there is better development, multiply it in terms of management, systems, and also the courses taught given by the professor.

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 3 years ago 

You have submitted a nice review, which i believe you said it all regarding what i have in mind as well 👍 .

Well explanation from you.

Hi @atim1234

What you express is very interesting, I have also been afraid of trading but with the knowledge acquired I have tried to get more involved in these activities. It's great that you were able to make a profit on trading. Greetings.

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