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RE: Assignment Crypto Academy Season 3 | Intermediate Course: Spotting Market Reversals With CCI [@asaj]

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Good job @amar15!

Thanks for performing the above task in the fourth week of Steemit Crypto Academy Season 3. The time and effort put into this work is appreciated. Hence, you have scored 7 out of 10. Here are the details:

Open a demo account and select five coins
1.5 / 2
Create a market entry and exit strategy
1.5 / 2
Use CCI signals to buy and sell the selected coins
1 / 2
Declare your profit or loss from trading the coins you selected
1 / 2
Explain your trade management technique
2 / 2
7 / 10


You have displayed a good understanding of the topic. I particularly like how you performed the first, second, and last task. It was unique and personal. This has earned you some bonus points.

However, the way you handled the third and fourth task leaves much to be desired. First, you did not select five cryptocurrencies as stated in Task 1. In Task 2 and 3 you did not provide screenshots of the five coins to be selected and how you traded them, nor did you declare profit or loss of the five coins.

Apart from that, it was a good work and I had a good time reading it. Thanks for sharing your trade management technique with us.


Thank you for reviewing Professor @asaj
Yes, You are absolutely right I did not select 5 coins and traded them. Actually, I traded in only 1 coin that is BTC using the Trading view Paper Trading Plug-in which is I usually use for the demo trading also I have shared the profit/loss Screenshot in the post.

I really enjoy doing all the questions and it was fun. Thank you for bringing this amazing homework.