Graffiti Of My City No. 4 - Is Graffiti Art Or Vandalism?

Welcome everyone to Round 4 of this exciting contest, the Graffiti Of My City, hosted by @slon21veka. Read all about this in the contest announcement post here. Hopefully you can join in this awesome challenge.

For this week I will take a break from featuring the street art on the wall of the Philippine National Police (PNP) which I have shared with you during the first 3 Rounds of this contest. For Round 4 instead I will feature some really artless and very simple graffiti which is so common here in our city, Davao City Philippines. They are mostly gangland graffiti and can really be an eyesore for most who see them.





Is graffiti art or vandalism?

According to Dan Pearce, a mixed media artist:

“Graffiti is 100% art. It’s a symbol of rebellion, and it presents a fantastic new form of creativity, but what makes it art is an individual’s opinion. I believe that truly anything is art if it has a meaning to you. But there is a moral line that shouldn’t be crossed. Graffiti can fall into the category of vandalism or ‘defacing’ when it is a random tag on any old wall that has no meaning,” he accepts.


Do you agree?

These graffiti I saw on my way to a mall in J. P. Laurel Street. Apparently these have been here for a long time already and have already faded. These were done by various gangs and vandals.



In the last photo above, it is very ironic that the advertisement by a group of artists, the Artlink by the Davao Artists Guild, was vandalized with graffiti by petty gang members.

All for now. Thank you for visiting. Wishing all the participants good luck in the contest. Keep safe everyone and may peace be with you.

(All photos are mine.)


Muy buena entrada @gems.and.cookies, que nos hace pensar si el graffiti es arte o vandalismo. Todos podemos escribir con un spray sobre la pared del vecino que nos cae mal, esto es vandalismo. O quien escribe cuatro letras o un dibujo mal hecho sobre un buen graffiti, eso también es vandalizar.
Hay muchos graffitis por nuestras ciudades que son auténticas obras de arte. En ocasiones,magnificos murales han sido eliminados para pintar la fachada de blanco. Ese es el peor de los vandalismos.



I think that simple inscriptions in paint are more often similar to vandalism.
Many more inscriptions-signs can mean a drug bookmark.

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