Are There Any Good Tron Blockchain Games?

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Now that we are one big Steem and Tron happy family I thought it would be a good idea to check out are there any decent Blockchain Games on Tron Blockchain. My guess with the purchasing of Steemit Just Sun wanted more eyes on Tron Dapps and games and Steem community can certainly provide that.

There are a lot of gambling dapps/games, however, I wouldn't call those dapps games without adding "gambling" in front. Gambling was never something I was interested in so I'll skip that whole area, gambling is a one way street to ruin if you don't know how to control yourself, so it is up to you if you want to explore that part of Tron ecosystem.


As you can see on Dapp Review there are a lot of Tron Blockchain Games not gambling related, but there is one big problem, if these numbers shown are correct there are very low number of users playing these games. The most popular game Hyper Snakes for example has 640 players while the vast majority of games have 0 players.

When you glance over what most of these games are about you will quickly realize these are mostly casual games to kill some time with, nothing serious or something worth investing big buck in. I haven't tried any of these games personally, but there are some interesting ones like Block Lords. I will certainly check this game out one of these days and write a review about it.

If any of the Tron folks can provide better info about Blockchain Games on Tron you can join this community and post about it.


I would be interesting in knowing this as well. A quick glance and I did not see anything that interested me. They have a “$100 million game development fund” for paying and rewarding game development over there. They are quite focused on the number of dapps they add daily to their blockchain.

It is great for the developers on Tron for sure, but those developers seem to be making underwhelming games and just using the funds for not making anything relevant, or at least something that can gain a large audience like Splinterlands did. Dapp quantity or Dapp quality, I will go for quality 100% of the time.

Indeed, I have no idea how much they are offering. I am hoping they are funding some long term stuff that is just taking a while to get onto the market. Which would be great.

They seem to brag daily about how more people are adding dapps to their ecosystem then other blockchains.

It is hard to find a good source for exploring different blockhains when you're not a part of one since the beginning. It would be cool to see Tron people join here and share that info, about the big projects maybe we don't know about.

They are bragging so that the news outlets pick up the news and share, it's all about the marketing, but once you look underneath the hood it's not as great.

That game development fund sounds interesting

Would be interesting to find out more about non gambling games Cos what I see are just a sea of them

Yeah, we need Tron people to share is there anything worth playing.

Not a fan of gambling myself, but then again I play too many games already and am neglecting my PS4 where the 'proper' games are'

I think with time we will have a lot of "proper" blockchain games. Until then I guess it is time to refresh my Steam library.

I've made a tweet as well, so if I actually get any responses I'll let you know.

That would be great. It is hard to find some decent crypto games these days.

That would be great. It
Is hard to find some decent
Crypto games these days.

                 - moon32walker

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Sure. Beside that one?:)

It's not a Tron game but I know blockchain cuties uses Tron as one of its currencies. I actually have a Tron wallet because of that. I haven't use it yet as I still have a little bit of Ethereum I was using for that game, but it's got Tron at least. I got a Tron wallet because Ethereum transactions were getting stuck or costing a high gas price and I heard Tron is better for scalability (in terms of the number of transactions) compared to Ethereum due to how it works. By the time I was ready to do anything else though, Ethereum had calmed down a bit so I kept using what Ethereum I already had.

That's at least four games that use cross platform system, Splinterlands, BlockLords, 0XWarriors and Cuties are using it. There are probably more. That is probably good if you want to get more players from different blockchains in.

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Hi @moon32walker

Interesting choice of topic. Especially now since Tron and Steemit became "one". Thanks to you I also learned about Blockchain Gaming.

I've noticed that that we're both playing Holybread. What's your impression so far?

I play as @project.hope and so far I found this game quite entertaining. Perhaps it will get boring soon, but right now it's still loads of fun :)


I think everybody likes Holybread including me. Keep on upgrading those heroes.

Hi again @moon32walker

We keep fighting a lot hehehe :)

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

as regards the TRON ecosystem, I would be interested in the use of BITTORRENT, but I don't know anyone who has already used it and I cannot find information.