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I’m sure right now many gamers are concerned which of their games will or will not be available to be played on the new Hive blockchain. With these games being created by indie developers you need to take into account they will need a little time to get things up and running.

First and foremost, Hive is a fork of Steem making it a “sister” chain. Any and all game “assets” you hold from via custom json would also be carried over. It then would be up to those games to launch on Hive and if they choose to pick up where things were left off or start fresh with a different descriptor to categorize those game assets on that blockchain. From that point forward of the fork, the two blockchains will be different.

I looked into a couple I’ve played in the past or have an interest in playing in the future to see what their plans are. Many are still working out the finer details and will be expected to make full announcements in the future when the time comes. Many of them have quite some work that will be required even more so if they use steem-engine, have brand deals, or external tools to go along with the game itself.

BROsino And BROsinoPoker


Above screenshot is from Discord

  • Will be on Hive? Yes

Bro, of course, they will be. They will be launching several of their BRO products on Hive. This will include their play money casino where player have fun using fake money on slots, card games, and other games of entertainment. They will also be launching their poker which many have enjoyed playing at for quite some time.


Holybread TheBlueWin.png

Above screenshot is from Discord

  • Will be on Hive? Yes

They have confirmed yes via a question asked in discord. Holybread is a part-time indie development team. They will be working on it when they can.


NextColony Oli.png

Above screenshot is from Discord

  • Will be on Hive? High probability

As it stands NextColony is currently thinking of running one final season on the Steem blockchain and from there they will see what they will be doing.

They still need time to look over what options they have before moving forward. This could result in a full game reset for Hive or just a carryover depending on what direction they choose to take.


yabapmatt about Hive.png

Above screenshot is from Discord

  • Will be on Hive? High probability, though it’s complicated

While it was confirmed via a Coindesk article that they will be. As you can see from the above screenshot in discord it’s also complicated. As we all know there are several economic layers to Splinterlands that make it a more complex of a product than most games out there.

For instance, DEC (dark energy crystals) is quite a heavy part of their current reward system. On Steem that can be sold via Steem-Engine when players are not using it in-game to buy cards, booster packs, and other items.

It sounds like they are more than willing as long as it’s the best choice for their players. We have seen in the past they are willing to work with other blockchains so it will be interesting to see how they handle this transition. Since they have far more things going on than most games they will have a fair amount of work and even legal things to look into.


Steemcity Gerber.png

Above screenshot is from Discord

  • Will be on Hive? Probably

At this time SteemCity is working on a name rebranding of their game. They are also exploring several options to see the best way forward for their community. Many seem to already be leaning towards Hive. It will be interesting to see how the in-game governance this game has will play on the effect of their decision if any.

Other Games

Many other games are expected to make it known that they will be on Hive once things have settled down a bit. The Steem blockchain also has quite a large amount of games are still under development and are not released to the public at this time. As such they are still working on their games and will make adjustments as needed with only internal beta testers being made aware of how those games will move forward.

If I missed a game that will be on Hive after it has launched feel free to comment below about it.

Many developers are simply waiting to see what is best for their players. Quite many of those developers are supportive of the Hive blockchain. They just need to make sure they are doing the best thing for their communities.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Cover image is from Splinerlands.


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Great post and info @enjar I am hoping SPLINTERLANDS just simply adds the new HIVE chain like ethereum, but then again I know squat about squat...anyhow take care.

buzz you later...

I don’t know enough from the technical side. I do think they have a lot of work ahead for themselves since as you said they are even involved with ETH. Among many other things.

Will be interesting to see which players take the risk of fire selling all there cards after the HF in hopes they will still have the cards on Hive.

Great post!!! Thanks! I follow you.


Great information thanks for sharing

Yep, tried to do my best based off the information at the time. I'm sure more details for each one will come out later.

Have a great night!