Pointing to a white orchid flower

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I kept looking at the white flowers hanging on the wooden fence of Mang Ahmad's flower shop. Moon orchid. Flowers that Mom really likes. Previously, when he was still alive. My brain has wandered far into the past. When that dark time happened.


Mother sat on the terrace of the house looking at Mrs. Surti's house which was full of ornamental plants. Mrs. Surti really likes planting decorative flowers like that.
"Mrs. Surti's flowers are nice, Ra," said Mother, continuing to look at the green house. I, who was seriously peeling onions, smiled while looking at Mother.
"You know, those orchids make Mom want to," continued Mom. I turned towards the collection of orchids hanging on the mango tree in front of Mrs. Surti's house.
“Which one, ma'am?” I asked Mother. Mother pointed to a white orchid flower with purple in the middle. I nodded.

My mother, is the strongest woman ever. My father died a month ago due to heart disease. And Mother, whose most of her life had been ravaged by the brain cancer that attacked her, could only surrender. The doctor diagnosed that Mother only had a week left to live. Mother's illness is indeed serious. But he insisted not to be hospitalized.
“If it's time, then yes. Don't be deterred," he said. Meanwhile, I, who is the first child in my family, go to school while working. Any work that is halal.

It was approaching dusk. At that time, we passed Mang Ahmad's shop. Seeing that there were Mother's favorite flowers, I asked Robi to stop.
"Wait a minute, Rob." I got off the motorbike and walked towards Mang Ahmad who was watering flowers.
“Eeeh, Neng Rara, aren't you beautiful? What do you want to buy, sis?" asked Mang Ahmad.
"How much does a Moon Orchid cost, Mang?"
“Ooh.. that. "One hundred and twenty, Miss," he answered.
“Wow, it couldn't be cheaper, could it?” I asked bargaining. Mang Ahmad seemed to think for a moment.
"Well, if it's for you, I'll just give you a hundred," he said later.

My house looks deserted. After what happened earlier, this kind of atmosphere was what I needed. I saw Mother asleep on the old sofa in front of the television. His face was pale, maybe he was cold. I covered him with a blanket I took from the cupboard. While I go inside and study. Two hours later, I left the room to brush my teeth. However, I saw the television was still on. I took the remote and turned it off. Then I wanted to wake Mother. I shook Mom's body while calling her name. But Mother didn't wake up immediately. I repeated it again. But just the same, Mother remained unmoved. I checked his breathing and heart rate. That's when I found out, Mother was gone.

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