Who Do You Think I Am?

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What an unfortunate way to begin this introduction post. But it has to be this way. I'm sorry @weisser-rabe that I am contributing to your (our) project Who is who in this manner. Last week, a couple of newcomers received support and votes. It's not really about me trusting them. I'm just using this to illustrate a point about reintroducing myself in our Dream Steem. Perhaps some of you may know that these newcomers turned out to be fakes. I had also supported one of the account holders by resteeming, engaging, and voting. Unfortunately, these are scam accounts. I was so invested for the last couple of days on how they were able to evade the system and make a fool out of everyone that I couldn't focus on my last thread of the travel blog of Skardu. But cruising through these accounts and the pictures, I think I have been able to recognize a few hallmarks of fake accounts. But that's a discussion for another day. Anyhow, these events prompted me to write this post and suggest that maybe there should be a semi annual verification process, regardless of how old the user is. They should reintroduce themselves in any of the communities they are writing in. I chose Dream Steem because I'm an active member here and also a moderator.

unfiltered me after a badminton match with the other half, who is lying beside me

This is maan @soulfuldreamer. I joined this platform some seven months ago, on 2023-10-02, 17:47, to be specific. But my first post was not until a few weeks later. To be honest, my initial posts were quite lousy. I was introduced by @event-horizon, but she was preoccupied with her brother's wedding at the time. She did guide me a little amid her busy schedule. Honestly, I didn't want to bother her for every little detail, so I explored the chain on my own. And I am happy that I did it this way. If she had spoon-fed me everything, I would not have had half of the depth of this platform that I have today. I can always reach out to her, and she is super cooperative. But I guess one should make an effort on their part also. Right now my post statistics look like this:

Post Count 147 posts|1,933 comments|2,014 replies

derived from steemworld.org

I'm genuinely pleased with my progress. As a moderator, I've organized three successful contests in Dream Steem. (Proud moment for me). I'm deeply grateful to the admin, weisser-rabe, for providing me with this opportunity.

I won't discuss my education here as it's not relevant to the context. I've already provided a brief account in my first introductory post and Achievement #1. I will only highlight aspects of my life relevant to my blogging style and the information I mostly share on this platform. By now, many of you know that I have three children: two daughters and one son. I have shared glimpses of my life with them in multiple posts. I am married and live with my husband in a government facility that's quite far away from the main limelight. We have limited resources here, but I wouldn't trade this life for anything. For one, I experience anxiety in crowded places, and also because I've grown accustomed to the peace of this lifestyle.

Now, coming to the harder part of: "Myself". Isn't it really hard to describe a person? And even more so when attempting to articulate oneself. When I initially introduced myself on xpilar's wox, I found myself at a loss for words. There's no fixed pattern that defines me. For example, I can be fiercely protective when it comes to my children, yet equally tender-hearted when it's about them.

My husband always says that they can manipulate me so easily, but I guess I don't mind. I am their safe place, and I want it to be like this. But of course, they know their boundaries. I am flexible about little things that are really not harmful; for example, they can always bully me into making late-night snacks and things like that :)

I have contrasting features. Like, I sympathize and trust so easily; I think I got this trait from my mother. You could call me gullible, naive, or any other word within this context. Sometimes, people do take advantage of this. But once I dislike a person, there's no coming back. I may not hold a grudge towards them, but I'll never be friends with them again. Or you can say I'll never open my heart to them. But in my defence, I don't "dislike" a person easily (you really have to be a wrongdoer and super annoying to be on that list). I'm not sure if you can count these tendencies as strengths or weaknesses but this is one habit that I haven't been able to change to date.

Moreover, I'm an active member of the Ladies Club at my facility. Today, I was tasked with writing a script for a play, although acting isn't really my thing. Most of the time, I prefer working behind the scenes, in the décor team and similar roles. I've shared multiple posts about my involvement in these activities. Aside from that, I'm a simple person. You could say I'm low-maintenance, or as I jokingly tell my husband, "you're so lucky, I'm not high maintenance at all."

being a member of Ladies' Club

Anyways, I am ending this post on a positive note. New life always brings joy, no matter its form. There is a pair of birds who always choose my humble abode to lay their eggs. Myna (مینا) laid her eggs in this carton box on my balcony again this year. We have placed a barbecue grill on top which serves as a bolt or door so that the crows and other birds cannot reach their eggs. I have been listening to their chirping for some days now. These myna trust me somehow, and with the mother's (or maybe father's) presence and permission, I proceeded to capture the hatchlings in the nest.

I don't know if it's the father or the mother. They take turns to feed the chicks & make sure no one comes near their eggs/chicks in the carton

The hatchlings. They are 5-6 days old, I guess

Can you spot the other parent in the mulberry tree

I hope I did it right. I wish that your experience here on Steemit and in life with people remains authentic. Wish you a peaceful life and happy Steeming.

Profound regards,


It's absolutely wonderful to know you've done so much in so little time. You're one of those users jinki posts parhne men maza aata hai. I don't really have time to post on steemit let alone comment on other people's posts but I try my best. Aapki last post mene wo waali parhi thi jisme you'd taken your son to the hospital. How's he at the moment? I wanted to leave some opinions on that post from the doctor's POV because clearly you didn't have an ideal interaction with the first doctor, but I forgot to comment 😂🤦‍♂️

Ps: what's dream steem about? What's the idea behind it?

... fictional writing. Poetry. Stories are like dreams and dreams are stories. As dreamers, we do not necessarily describe the reality of our days, but use our imagination and creativity. Feel welcome ;-))

Thank you for the explanation. I'll be posting soon

You're one of those users jinki posts parhne men maza aata hai.

Gracias! I do hope that you really enjoy my posts :) that's a huge compliment.

Aapki last post mene wo waali parhi thi jisme you'd taken your son to the hospital

He is doing better, mashAllah, but the asthmatic issues are still present. I suppose he won't experience complete relief until the wheat harvest is over. The dust causes allergies for two of my children.

Thank you for your kind concern.

As for Dream Steem, the admin has covered the basics. It's essentially a platform for fiction writing, where you can create anything from the canvas of your mind. To elaborate further... Have you ever read Urdu digests? I can relate this community to those short stories in the digests: sometimes mysterious, sometimes profound, and occasionally a little realistic. Feel free to write here :)

Thank you for the elaboration. Digests toh nahi parhi kyunke allowed nahi thi digest parhna 😂 haan lekin nau nihaal bohat parha hai

I felt bad for throwing you in the sea of Steem and not being there much to help you navigate. Apparently, it was for the best. You did better without me. When you explore things on your own, you understand them better.

Those cute little birdies.... I've never seen hatchlings this small before. I'm curious, how the mom and dad allowed you to come near and photograph them. 😀

Don't say that. If there's one thing I'm grateful for, it's introducing me to the platform. I know you've mentored many friends around you. Some of them I even know, and I'm sure you would have told me more if you weren't busy at that time.

Regarding the hatchlings, well, I believe it's the same pair laying their eggs here for the third time now. So, you could say there's a little bit of trust. I come here daily, twice; once for hanging my laundry and the other for taking it down (if you noticed the pegs in the picture). So they don't feel threatened now. Well I also talk to them sometimes. Hehe

I know you've mentored many friends around you.

Sadly, nobody lasted a month. It's great to have you around.

I believe it's the same pair laying their eggs here for the third time now. So, you could say there's a little bit of trust.

Understandable. Do share pictures of their phases of growth, if possible.

I will try my best.

Hi Maan.


Hello afrog!

How did you spot a bee hive? I will send you a clear picture of this massive honey filled bee hive tomorrow.
It's night now!

Edit: picture of beehive


The other side?

For the other side, I will have to go to the balcony of front door neighbour!

No extra work please. You wrote there is another bird. I spotted a hive. I'm confused a bit. That's all.

Oh, I get in now. I was talking about this pair:


Today both of them were sitting together near the nest (box carton) but my mobile was no where to be seen. I, myself, have been wanting to capture them together.

It was definitely a nice puzzle and my confusion is cleared up. It's all good.

Well, that's an entry I'd love to add to our "Who's Who?"!

We all agree that you are not a moth (hihi - little keyword joke ;-)), but a high-flyer here on the Steem who has dedicated herself to a new task with passion and commitment.

I understand your frustration with the scammers. We've all fallen for some of them. Some have rehabilitated themselves at some point. One has to be able to accept that... And the others come and go. So what! Don't take it so personally; the positive experiences outweigh the negative ones ;-))

Well, that's an entry I'd love to add to our "Who's Who?"!

With pleasure please.

One has to be able to accept that.

I really appreciate your positive attitude. I certainly don't take this personally, but when you consider yourself a part of something, it's hard to be indifferent to what's happening around you. At least, that's how I feel. So, yes, this is my take on the current scenario and a suggestion that might come in handy regarding the reintroduction part – perhaps on a semi-annual or annual basis. You know where I got this idea from? There's a semi-annual verification form in my kids' school where they verify the details of the guardians/parents, their designations, etc., to keep a check on any abuse.

I'm all for second chances, no doubt about it. Because, what if my mistakes were never overlooked? My emphasis here is entirely different. How could one play with the sincerity of others? You know, guiding a new user honestly takes a significant amount of everyone's time. At least, I feel obliged to those who personally mentored me. The guidelines were always there, but the personal engagement, which is the essence of this platform - this shouldn't be tainted at any cost. Okay, I'll stop here, but I think you understand what I'm saying.

It felt good to reintroduce myself to the community here :)

 last month 

You are right, no one cam hide their identity for long nor can they live behind an illustrated curtain...for ever I mean. One day the curtain completes its life and everyone can see them...sitting naked behind that torn curtain.

That was for your opening statement...

As for your intro, I knew some of it but now I know you a little more. So I have two masters of microbiology on my list on this site.

Nice knowing you, have a nice day!

Thank you for stopping by.

So I have two masters of microbiology on my list on this site.

So, you did read about me, really :) To be specific, I did my Bachelor's and Master's in Laboratory Technology, with a major in Microbiology, specifically clinical microbiology, and to be even more specific, diagnostic microbiology.

About my opening statement. I had to give it before moving on to my next blog.

So far my experience on Steemit is still going awesome and how I wish I met Steemit years ago

That is great to hear. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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Kind attention


I realise that you can't help but react with your emotions to the actions of the scammers and yourself. Otherwise you wouldn't be you ))
But believe me, where there is any money, there will always be those who want to get it by any means. This is not only on our platform, so everywhere in life.
I have had experience of being scammed by the participants of the support programme. I've been cheated. Maybe it will happen again someday.
Turn the page and move on )))

Nice to meet you again )) Thank you for being you🖐 😊

Otherwise you wouldn't be you

Guilty 🙋🏻

I have had experience of being scammed by the participants of the support programme. I've been cheated.

That's sad.

Turn the page and move on )))

Copied. You can check my latest post!

Nice to meet you again )) Thank you for being you🖐 😊

Thank you so very much :)))

life goes on, smile ))

It was a wrong emoji in the last line.
I'm all smiles.
Thanks to you ☺️😊😂

👌 🤗👍

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