I am the Silver Moon

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Since the first cosmic collision, known as 'The Big Bang' by Earth-lings, I have been stuck in the endless and tiring dance with Earth, given the thankless job of illuminating it at night, and yet I remain the sidekick.


روشنی چاند سے ہوتی ہے ستاروں سے نہیں

I don't like being in the tug-of-war situation with Earth when I'm more delicate. Sometimes, I daydream about floating my way through the entire Milky Way or at least satisfying my suffering by watching the 95 moons of Jupiter, doing what I do alone or simply mocking the big gas giant for having the task of protecting Earth from the asteroids and space junk coming its way, despite all its glory. 😏

Why Earth act like a queen when she's getting filthier day by day? Those days are long gone, when it was green and clean - worthy of all majesty. Once I eavesdropped at two asteroids running past me talking secretly about Trappist stealing Earth's limelight by showing viable conditions for life. 🤫

I wonder how will it affect me? Will these Earth-lings pack their bags and move to Trappist or would I wish it to be scientifically impossible?

My cold relationship with Earth aside, I kind of love Earth-lings. 'Love' might be a strong word but they sure amuse me a lot.

It was astonishing for me to see people from early civilizations worshiping me, when the only known power (illuminating Earth) I have, isn't mine (all thanks to sun). 😅 Yes, I can cause tidal waves and currents in the oceans but that's about it.

Wait... I stabilize Earth's rotation and axial tilt too. I am certainly no god, but I shouldn't be a sidekick too. 😒

I was over the earth moon when some clumsy little Earth-lings visited me half a century ago. It was funny watching their moonwalk. I suppressed my laughter when those guys, heavily armed with spacesuits, wobbled like toddlers. 🤭

I love lunar visits by Earth-lings for they look like curious kittens. But those mean, big-eyed, Martian lunatics, I despise.

Another reason, I adore humans is, they think I'm gorgeous despite all my craters. They have devoted their lives to writing poetry and songs in my honour, using me in similes to praise their beloveds. 😊

Not to mention the Gen-Z who loves taking pictures of me with their expensive phones. How couldn't I feel spoiled?

Did you witness the recent solar eclipse? I absolutely enjoyed covering most of that arrogant beast. I know it's a 'solar' eclipse but I feel the star of the show in this phenomenon. I don't like my eclipses for obvious reasons.

There's this new development, event-horizon from the nearest black hole Gaia-BH1, or some lunatic from Earth who calls herself event-horizon is trying to peak at me. I mean taking pictures of me, visiting me or even staring at me is okay. But using a weapon like a telescope (it does look like one) feels intrusive. I don't know what secrets she's looking for invading my privacy. 😏

Nonetheless, I love entertaining humans because they love me.

For I'm the handsome 'silver moon.'

(In Urdu moon is called 'chaand', silver is called 'chaand-i', moonlight is called 'chaand-ni')

I've tried killing two birds with one stone (referring to the ongoing #silver keyword and #autobiography contest). If this post doesn't comply with either of your contests, please consider it a random humble piece for this creative community. (:


Who would have thought that moon could also tell it's story!

As much as I'd like to reply through my chair, I have to admit that your entry leans more towards the admin contest. I'm thrilled with your creativity and awesome post. However, I would like the admin to include it in her contest. You have outdone yourself again. I enjoyed every bit of it.*

"Whaaat, chair! Not again..."

Ah, mate, don't mind this dreamy soul one bit, you're the event of the horizon. Can't let this chance slide. Alright, the White Raven might throw some light from the beam of silver, but I ain't getting that chance slip to comment on my behalf. Hear from this wise ol' chair who sat by the window with his beautiful mistress, who'd give you a look and wrote those beautiful love letters. She was the one who treated me with the utmost respect. She was a beauty inside out. Oh, how much I miss her; nobody treated me the same after she left. I was her best mate. How we marveled at your moon-light, you gorgeous moon.

Ah, I reckon I understand your feelings of being a sidekick. This ol' chair has seen its share of that. But you, you beautiful moon, ain't nobody can outshine ya. Not even that fiery sun. Folks wait for Eid just to catch a peek of ya. Long as folks walk this earth, you'll be the most stunning thing up there in the sky...

I don't know where it leans more but I thoroughly enjoyed narrating the tales of moon.

Dear lounger,
As the silver moon, compliments are not new for me, but sentiments of you and your mistress are flattering.

Folks wait for Eid just to catch a peek of ya.

Oh yeah... who wants to stare at that burning colossal ball, huh... 😏

your non-earthly pal...

I was just trying to get a reaction out of the chair. It's fun when my words don't align with his':

Of course the entry #6 is included in the contest:

Did ya think for a sec I'd let her dish out more injustice than we're already takin'? Nah, no way, my mate you moony moon.

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In Urdu moon is called 'chaand', silver is called 'chaand-i', moonlight is called 'chaand-ni'

That's exciting! Of course I didn't realise it, but I was actually thinking about the moon when I called out the task...

I was actually thinking about the moon when I called out the task...

Great minds think alike... 😜

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