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I am sure you will agree with me if I say that love is a unique feeling and doesn't have to be soft and pure all the time. Sometimes you derive a strange pleasure from savage love, and that's how I felt during my second year in college.


It was a strange feeling, but I felt that my girlfriend wanted to swallow me alive. Every time we met, she was so aggressive as if she would do that without a moment's delay, and mind you, we had been in touch only for a few weeks.

No, it was not that she wanted to eat me, but the feeling of my girlfriend swallowing me alive filled me with a strong emotional attachment and deep intimacy with her. And I can assure you that there was no sexual angle involved in our feelings.

Those were the days when I used to feel more cool and carefree. There were no restrictions or that unknown fear of my father that I faced back at home, or any restrictions from my mother apart from what that grouchy hostel warden used to create some trouble, but I knew how to handle him.

So during my second year of college, this girl came into my life like an oasis in the desert. She was from the electrical engineering department, which was a rare selection for a girl then. What I liked and feared most at the same time was her style and carefree attitude. She acted as if she would swallow me alive at any moment, and I was enjoying it to the fullest.

I felt that her love was natural and symbolized deep emotional closeness that had no barrier whatsoever. So when I say that my girlfriend wanted to swallow me alive, it means that I was feeling so deeply connected with her, as if both of us had merged deep within each other.

I never realized that it was a metaphorical expression that reflected my girlfriend's unique intimacy and oneness with me. I always felt that it was a feeling of her complete acceptance and dedication.

In this feeling, I felt that my girlfriend had accepted me completely, without any conditions whatsoever. It was a feeling that I had felt for the first time in my life. I felt as if we had both become an integral part of life, and she wanted to absorb me into her. Although I was a little hesitant and did not want to take the initiative, whenever I met her, I felt that it reflected her complete dedication and desire to become one with me.



So this feeling of her "swallowing me alive" felt to me like a symbol of the deep quality of that relationship and an unbreakable bond with my girlfriend, but it was a wonderful feeling in which perhaps I was a little hesitant to merge my whole being with her, but maybe my family traditions were preventing me from doing so.

And I have no regrets. I did not go ahead because that relationship did not last long, but she left the college at the end of the second year and went to the US as she got admission to a reputed college there. We haven't met again, not so far but you never know.


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I am convinced that such connections do indeed exist, albeit very rarely. However, I see them more among very close friends than among lovers. But that may be due to my own experience...

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I would not say much otherwise my claim that it's a fictional story will fall on its face. Yes, these relations are rare but then this world is full of all kinds of stories. We may disguise them or hide our feelings but as I said, the world is full of glorious uncertainties.

Such strong love relationships are not accidental; I believe they originate from a connection we had with our prior soul.

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Fiction ma'am, fiction. Don't take it for real!

No, I mean generally this type of strong emotional feelings happing due to that reason.

 last month 

I agree on this one.



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We are the hope!

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Thank you!

Terima kasih sudah memilih postingan saya pada minggu ini...salam sukses

A woman can swallow you alive if you dare do anything against her will, lol.

It happens sometime if she has given the supremacy and authority.

 last month 

Hmmm, sometimes it happens in the other direction too. She would swallow a man if he didn't fall to her designs but you're right in most cases it's the same as what you have suggested. But this is a fiction story so nothing to get alarmed about.


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