When conmen marry...

Half the work that is done in this world is to make things appear what they are not. —E.R. Beadle


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When conmen marry, they can even marry their targets. This is where the sinister begins...

Conmen will even marry their targets and then take the money and the lives of the targets, including the lives of that of the family members of the target. This is where the conmen cross all limits, having their consciences, to borrow the language of the Bible, "seared with a hot iron."

Best selling auther David Grann talks about one such story of conmen in his book Killers Of The Flower Moon. David Grann is the type of a writer who will not hesitate to spend five, precious years of his life looking at the archives and talking to the survivors before penning his book.

His book talks about the Osage Native Americans that came under the radar of certain, historical conmen.


Image Credits: Lionello DelPiccolo

The story is now becoming a major motion picture under the same title as the book. Leonardo DiCaprio will reportedly co-produce and star in the movie: I can't wait to watch it.


Image Credits: Pawel Janiak

What I can tell you about the movie is that, you'll see the explosion of a house with victims in it. You'll also see a good person that's being dragged out of a hotel and stabbed to death just as the person tried to report the story to the outside world.


Image Credits: Brian Lundquist

The deeply sinister story which the perpetrators wanted to hide, will hopefully become part of our global narrative and consciousness, thanks to the author and the team behind the movie.

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Getting married to the person who tagged you as a target is the greatest doomsday. This is what the conmen are trying to achieve.
Can't wait to watch the movie

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