Invitation: Bindo's Journey

in Star Wars3 years ago

These are the first three installments to Bindo's Journey; a story relating the circumstances of his disappearance after the events of the first Kotor game and where he went.

I liked exploring his relationship with the Jedi and therefore his past, which I have re-interpreted somewhat in the third entry because I had trouble buying the original story the writers presented to us.

Whether you like or dislike that one alteration, talk to me about it.

I liked employing the rancor in the first clip as if it were drawn in by Jolee's subconscious mind of which he was unaware of how Bastila and Revan's redemption was affecting him.

How it was affecting him should be made clear by the third clip.

While the second clip is more-or-less set up for the future entries the first and third have parallel endings of rising above the subtle or overt passions and walking securely in reason.

If you need clarification, Nayama is not a ghost, but rather a Force vision reminiscent of when Luke faced Vader on Dagobah. I can only imagine that the swamp resembles delving into the muddling of the mind and so too that environment is employed here.

Why I didn't buy the Nayama backstory as it stood? In short, Jolee told us that he trained her in secret, she turned on him and he let her go. We're told that the Jedi judged him at the end of the war and extended forgiveness. Now my first confusion is why would they wait until the end of the war for judgement? If you answer that the war pre-occupied them then Jolee should be pre-occupied as well.

What's to keep him from being at the final battle at Yavin if that's where the war came down to? And we're told definitively that Nayama died there. It's merely my thought processes that places Jolee there. I think that he should want to still save her, but we already know that he failed.

And if Jolee struck the blow then that is a more compelling reason to be dismayed at the Jedi Council's grounds for forgiveness. In Jolee's eyes, he practically sacrificed Nayama to stay in the Jedi's good graces and that is not how he wanted it to play out. The original telling's that he merely let her die leaves too much in the air for me. What was everyone else doing in between the time Nayama left the Order and when she died?

This is my answer.

For what happens next you will have to wait for the next post.

Or click on the YouTube tab associated with the video. You're choice.


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