Prologue & Chapter One – Lady of the Crypt (Star Wars SWTOR Fanfic)

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Warning: The following chapter contains scenes depicting torture and violence, which may be triggering to some readers. Reading discretion is advised.

Talyc regained consciousness and for a brief moment, he thought he was back home on Mandalore. He reached out to touch Fane, and reality set in again: he couldn't move, he was not on Mandalore, he was in some sort of Force stasis barrier, and he felt pain all over his body from the previous day's tortures. He tried to move, tried to free himself, knowing it was no use, but unable to fight off the need to fight.


He screamed from anger, as desperation set itself within him. He did not know how long he'd been out; he did not know how long ago he'd been captured. All he knew was pain and torment. He had failed; failed his clan, failed Mandalore, failed Fane.

The door opened and in walked Perce, followed almost immediately by Relsor.

'Good morning,' said Perce a little too pleasantly for Talyc's liking. He clasped his hands behind his back. 'I heard you were awake.' He chuckled to himself. He cocked his head. 'Don't be so down, today will bear more fruit, I'm sure.'

'He'll come for me, he'll save me.'

'Who's that?' said Perce. 'Because the last time I checked, your Jedi lover had returned to the Jedi Order. He's abandoned you; he doesn't care what happens to you. Was it not because of him you were out drinking in the first place? Why has he not searched for you yet? He would have found you by now.'

'You lie,' said Talyc. 'I know him.'

'So do we,' said Relsor.

Talyc knew they were playing games with his mind. He had been convinced that Fane had meant to finish with him, but he also knew that Fane, regardless of his decision, would not let him die if he knew what was happening to him. He also knew his friends too well. Knarf would not let any ill come to Talyc; he was his best friend. And where Knarf went, Shadie went, and where Shadie went, Brenum and Trylia also went, and hopefully Fane too. Talyc just wanted to see his face, just ask him, just so he'd know. If there were just a way for them to know what had happened to him...

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