Seasonal Photography Contest by @janemorane | Entry by @safia-faiz18

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WhatsApp Image 2021-11-06 at 10.23.28 PM.jpeg

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing fine, today I thought of participating in the seasonal photography contest. This week's theme is "Winter". This photo reminds me particularly of the day when I first experienced what snow is. I went to Pak Tour with my family and we all enjoyed so much there, we played snow fight, made snow angels and even hiked up to 1000ft! And sat on the peak and enjoyed the view from up there.


• Device: Nikon D3100
• Location: Toli Peer, AJK.

Special thanks to @janemorane for conducting this contest. Not to forget, I invite my friends @s-m-mubashir @laiba-azam @safarizwan to take part in this great contest!

My Introduction:

Achievement 1



Amazing click.😍

 3 years ago 

Nice combination of blue sky and white snow, looks perfect.
Contest Entry Approved!

want to visit here....😮

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