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Greetings and hello everyone!

I hope you all are having a good day today. It feels amazing to be a part of the #steemit community finally, and I hope to meet new people and their creative ideas, and I’m also excited to get to know their opinions about certain topics.

And how did I get to know about this community? And why am I here?

I got to know about #steemit from my batchmate and my good friend, @vvarishayy, who took the initiative to tell people in her circle about #steemit. As for why am I here, there are a few reasons:
• I think I am capable of writing very engaging writeups about any topic so that the reader gets to enjoy my content and so do I get benefit as I will be very proud of my writeups if it helps someone or if someone enjoys it.
• As I will keep writing here frequently (I hope), it’ll improve my writing skills and I’ll become better at providing more engaging content to you guys.
• Obviously, I’ll to know more people and make more good friends here for sure.
• I’ll get to know other’s point of view and also get a platform to share my own point of views online.
• I also don’t know much about crypto. I’ve heard about it though. Would love to know more about how it works and stuff. Speaking of crypto, another reason was in fact to make my own money and to be independent.

So, if you ask who I am?

Well, my name is Safia Faiz. I am currently residing in the city of light; Karachi, Pakistan. Though, I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and dwelled there for almost 10 years and then shifted to my homeland, Pakistan, due to education purposes. I am 18 years old, turning 19 shortly soon. I have two other siblings, we are three in total, and I’m the youngest and definitely the most spoilt one out of us three (not really, but that’s what I’m told so). My mother is a housewife, whereas my father is a pharmacist, he did his M.Phil in Pharm-D from the University of Karachi.

Well, enough about myself, let’s get into what I’m currently doing nowadays and what I had done before in terms of education.

Well, as I said before, I used to reside in Jeddah, so I got done with my pre-primary and primary education in Talal International School, Jeddah. Then, after I moved here in Pakistan, I got done with my half of my secondary education done from The Smart School and the other half from Happy Palace Grammar School, Karachi. I got done with my college education from Khatoon-e-Pakistan Degree College for Women, Karachi and now currently I am going to start my second year of my bachelor’s degree. My major is ‘Bachelors in Engineering in Computer And Information Systems’, which I am very much interested and invested in.

Now, coming further onwards to what are my hobbies, my likes and dislikes, basically what constitutes me as a person.

• I like to read books a lot!
• I like to write a lot, be it poems, motivational writeups, or a writeup about any specific topics and I also maintain a diary as well, where I write how I feel.
• I cook in my leisure time, mainly something that is not desi.
• I watch a lot of gameplays/walk-throughs online.
• I love pets! I myself have many stray cats at my home.
• I absolutely LOVE programming. And math too. I know most people hate math but, I just love math!
• I love to read articles, stories and different things online.
• I have a keen interest in learning how to photoshop pictures, in editing, in short.
• I have an interest in learning new programming languages.
• I have an interest in learning more about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning too.
• I want to learn how to code games, in short make games of my own, of course because I love gaming.
• I love to do photography!
• I absolutely ADORE flowers, any type, any kind (except Rafflesia, of course).
• I draw sometimes, traditional sketches it is.
• And usually, when I’m bored, I do chores.

So, I guess that’s enough for my introduction. Hope that you guys liked it. I hope to convey my point of view with you guys soon with an another topic. Till then, stay safe and healthy and keep following the SOPs, folks.


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Hi, @safia-faiz18,

Your post has been supported by @vvarishayy from the Steem Greeter Team.

I love maths too and now programming as well.
It was a good read. Thank you for making your achievement task.

Congratulations you have been verified by vvarishayy you can proceed with the next Achievement at your convenience.

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Oooo, someone with the same taste as mine🥺
I am so glad to know you liked it💗 No problem, Warisha🥺

Thankyouuu so much!! 🥺❤️

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