steemit has the API issue for a long time.

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In the recent, steemit has had an error of the front-end. I'm sick of the issue. I wanted to communicate this issue with @steemitblog and the development team of steemit. But, it seemed that they neglected this issue, and didn't want to communicate with us. It's exhausting steemit users and spoiling the community. Please, improve the current communication system.


I contacted some main witnesses. justyy said like the upper image. In a nutshell, ety001 is in charge of the issue, and he already edited the code for this issue. Once it's approved, steemit will have no longer the issue.

I'm wondering why steemit has very limited access for Very closed. Many STEEM investors and users are sick of it.

Please, resteem this post, if you agree and support it for the better STEEM community.


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Same issue over here

My post hasn't been moderate for the past three days now

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