BTC hashrate recorded a new ATH(All Time High) again 🥳

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Congratulations 🎉 BTC(Bitcoin) hashrate broked the previous ATH 😍, which means BTC miners have been pouring their computing power 🤗

While it's one of the BTC on-chain data, it doesn't reflect a short-term direction of the BTC price. I think it just represents the fundamental of BTC for a long-term.

Well, I'm wondering whether how many BTC mining equipments will be turned off by miners after the next BTC 4th halving. The reduction of block rewards will definitely affect the mining profit ratio for miners. I think they need to prepare something for a next difficult period around the next BTC 4th halving.


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Time to buy BTC (BTC)

the chart is on fire! with the naked eye looks like the most steep hashrate skyrocketing there ever was during the last years.

I feel like BTC is getting stronger overtime. I swapped some of my coins on Bitget swap to Bitcoin like a month ago. I didn't regret now. Seems its really going up against most altcoins.

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