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Wednesday was a chill day. I didn't sleep for the whole night on Tuesday. I wasn't even planning to sleep at all. So I decided to arrange my clothes. I was on my third cloth when I don't feel like continuing it. That's when I decided to sleep. It was around eight in the morning.

My new favorite: Mango Slush and Strawberry Mochi from Aice.

Then, my mother called me at ten. I had roughly two hours of sleep. She talked for a few minutes about my sisters, the current situation in our hometown, and the nearby city. She talked so fast. A certified rapper by the way. Most of the Filipino moms are rappers. Okay! I'm just kidding. So I interrupted her saying I need to go back to sleep. The call ended and unfortunately, I can't sleep anymore. I wanted to, but my eyes won't allow me to have a good night rest for the second time around. The sun was shining so brightly. So I got up and turn on my laptop.

When I checked the Trello, I don't have a task yet. Checking the Slack, there's no message too. I didn't bother asking, though. Wednesday was the schedule of the documentation team launching. Since I don't have a task, I decided to turn my potato mode. Yes. I was in bed, doing nothing. I was very exhausted and sleepy but I can't sleep. I wanted to write, but my mind was not functioning well. I was not in the mood either.

1998CAM_2020_08_11_16_18_57_FN.jpgMy favorite side dish — KIMCHI!

Evening came, and I cooked for our dinner. Good gracious! I was not on my mind. Like seriously. I burnt the meat. I fried it and burnt it a hundred percent. Some were all black, some were quarter black. I didn't take a picture. It was awful. I was so frustrated.

Since I burned our dinner, I went downstairs, bought soft drinks and some endorphin booster — ICE CREAM. We ate and paired the burnt meat with kimchi. After dinner, it's ice cream time from Aice!

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