Official Report: Signing MoU and 5.8 SBD for Monev (Monitoring Evaluation) Operation Expenses and Next Program!

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Payout goes to @steem.amal to support the multiple assessments of wheelchair program to support Patients with paralysis and stroke and disabilities and the Brain Cancer in West Aceh as the messages from @anroja

Ensuring the appropriate implementation of the program in the field, @steem.amal has set the MoU with the implementing partner. The MoU signed on April 4th, 2021 between Steem For Better Life Program manager (el-nailul) and ACT-MRI Branch Manager Lhoksemawe Thariq Farline, S.P in Lhokseumawe.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the parties is signed to roll the implementation of the current program as well as the next possible program. The ACT-MRI has finalized the first joint program in Nort Aceh in handling Putri Aura Water and Sanitation program as it has been published.

The MoU is expected will be carried out by both parties for 3 years to maximize the program implementation and transparency with full audit trail. Since steem.amal has set the long term commitment in the humanitarian field, it is important to set up a long term plan in advance to cover any necessary humanitarian issue and emergency response in the future.








As the finalization of the Watsan Program for Putri Aura, I would like to inform you that Putri Aura has started to recover with the indication of the Increased body weight which has reached 4 kilograms within 2 weeks. It is reported by Tgk Muharuddin (@alexandria-riski).

Putri Aura last condition in the hospital Photo Property of Tgk Muharuddin @alexandria-riski

The program implementation actual budget spending is as you can see in the table below:


Total actual budget spending for the Water and Sanitation For Putri Aura Program is : Rp 11,500,000

Monitoring and Evaluation Stage for Community Economic Development Program

Meanwhile, the first program for Community Economic Development has been completed and the next stage is monitoring before the first evaluation. The operational cost has been transferred is 5.8 SBD to Nailul Munar (@nm007). He will be in charge for the field monitoring to ensure the positive impact of the program for the beneficiaries. Not only monitoring them in term of management system but also to build di capacity of business management for the beneficiaries. Nailul Munar (@nm007) will conduct a full month monitoring and will submit the evaluation report to the program manager. This report is important for lesson learn in the next program. As I have stated previously, I will cover the operational cost of the program pre and post program implementation

A brief update of the program:

  • Water and sanitation for Putri Aura has been finalized
  • 30 foods packages for the orphans cooperate with CISAH is on going
  • Supporting 2 burned houses in Syamtalira Aron

Next Planning

  • Next Water and sanitation in Seunuddon is on preparation and the final assessment was done on April 12th, 2021.
  • Supporting 5-10 wheelchair to support patients with paralysis, stroke, disabilities.
  • Supporting Brain cancer patient and Atrial Septal Defect and Ventricular Septal Depect (ASD/VSD) (in identify process)

Milllion thank to all supporter of @steem.amal to ensure the sustainable of the program



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Alhamdulillah kanda, program yg mulia. Jelas dan transparan, like it.

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Отличная работа!

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Thank you very much for the support

Programmer yang patut di contohi karena saling membantu sesama manusia yang membutuhkan

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Program yang sangat mulia. Dan itu akan menjadi amalan tambahan di bulan yang suci ini (bulan ramadhan).

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Sama-sama bang @el-nailul semoga sehat dan sukses terus. Ditunggu lagi update info operation expenses and next program

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Terimakasih atas atas laporan ini, semoga putri aura segera sembuh .
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