The ROR token will be listed on the Hoo Exchange on May 28th (9:00 UTC). Game player reward system added

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Hello, This is Team ROR Universe (Road of Rich).
The ROR token will be listed on the Hoo Exchange on May 28th(9:00 UTC) and the ROR-USDT trade will be activated.

RORGAME's player reward system will start on June 1.
The ROR token player reward system will work through the Hoo Exchange.

How can ROR tokens be rewarded?

  1. Players must sign up for the Hoo Exchange to receive rewards.
    (When signing up for a Hoo exchange, sign up using your Google email address.)
  2. The email address of the Hoo Exchange and the email address of the RORGAME must match.
    (If the email addresses do not match, ROR tokens cannot be rewarded.)
  3. If you participate in Today's Ranking Game and become the top 20, you can be rewarded. (Up to 60 players can receive ROR tokens every day.)
  4. ROR tokens are paid once every two weeks and can be redeemed.
    (Participating in many games and winning will pay more rewards.)
  5. 12,000 ROR Tokens are rewarded daily.

A total of 1 million ROR tokens are experimentally rewarded to players.
We hope that many player will participate in RORGAME and get ROR Token rewarded :)

Join the Hoo Exchange and RORGAME and get rewarded :)
The ROR Universe game continues to evolve.

Various events are being prepared at the Hoo Exchange. Join the Hoo Exchange and join the Hoo Exchange Community Channel to participate in various events.

Hoo exchange English channel:

ROR Official Discord channel:
ROR Official Telegram channel :
ROR Official Homepage:
Official Kakao talk channel:
Official Youtube channel:
ROR GAME Download link


That is great news @roadofrich! I'm very Happy for this exchanges to covert our ROR Tokens. Very quickly I to sign up and start enjoying. Thanks for this updates.

멋진 스팀 활동을 응원합니다. zzan 토큰 소각 보팅에는 아래와 같은 조건이 있습니다. 참고하여 주시기 바랍니다.

glad to hear that ROR gets listed.

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