ROR tokens will be listed on the Hoo Exchange. Prepare for the Ranking Game!

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Hello, This is Team ROR Universe (Road of Rich).

We would like to inform you about RORGAME, ROR GAME is a Mini-game platform that everyone can play easily and conveniently with the mobile APP. There are more than 50+ minigames are available.
3 games are played in rotation for 24 hours every day, and anyone can participate in the rankings and win prizes.
Prizes are paid through the Hoo Exchange and players can participate in the ranking game to receive ROR tokens.

RORGAME supports English, Korean, Turkish and Japanese, and more languages will be added in the future.

As the ROR tokens were listed on the Hoo Exchange, we started the Player Rewards system with the Hoo Exchange.

You can receive ROR tokens by participating in the ranking game every day and becoming the top 20 player. You can participate in multiple games to get more rewards.

In order to receive ROR tokens, you must sign up for the Hoo Exchange with the same email address you signed up for RORGAME. If you don't have a Hoo Exchange account, register here.
We plan to distribute 12,000 ROR tokens daily and up to 60 players can be rewarded.

The RORGAME reward system will proceed after listing on the Hoo Exchange. Download RORGAME in advance and prepare for the ranking game.

We will announce further details.
Thank you.

ROR Official Discord channel:
ROR Official Telegram channel :
ROR Official Homepage:
Official Kakao talk channel:
Official Youtube channel:


awesome ..i have it downloaded

Thank you @steem-supporter :)


Thank you @project7

It's great news and congratulation to ROR team.

Thank you @yameen :)

Congratulations to the entire team... However, is there a possibly of exploring ways to list on the KoinPro revolutionary trading platform? With the uniquely designed and interactive interface of koinpro and the fact that it is tailored for all kinds of traders, it will be a great platform to list on.

Done. I use your ref code. Have a nice day!

Thank you @benedict08 Have a nice day :)

Great news for Rorgame fans, i will join.

Nice and Good info you give every time Thanks.

Great project!, receive my support:)

Thank for your update and listing ROR on

It’s good games thanks bro 💪

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