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RE: Path to Phil Collins - Qurator's Monday Missions Entry

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haha! Phil Collins was THE LEAST THING IN THE WORLD I expected to find in your post -- even in the form of limited watch edition!
you surprised me in a good way, tho this is one of my really least favourite singers (sorry to say that. but theres some idiocincrazy, wrong chemistry between me and his voice..)
POTATOES are great captures, but

I really loved the most. you've got a unique precious moment here.
thanks for mentioning me, I really enjoyed watching your collection. Later I also discovered a few more P-things around me: Postcards... and Pino Noire. I'm really obsessed with such sort of games. Excuse me, and lets make a mix of dark !BEER and !DERANGED !MARLIANS, today they have a !COFFEEA afertaste ...and $trdo


I have seen that case on the shelf and knew this had to be my sixth thing 😉
I agree with you, his voice sounds a bit different, to say it nicely, but I like many songs of him and I do like him as a person, although I don't know him, of course ;)

When I drove around the lake on this morning there was so much fog all around, but just as I arrived at this place it cleared up and let me shoot a few photos before the fog and the clouds covered the whole scene again. I like this photo very much too :)

Thank you so much for your nice comment on my post @qwerrie, I wish you a wonderful Sunday ... and stay healthy. I know that sounds strange, but these days are strange anyway.

A !BEER has to be cold and a !COFFEEA has to be hot to taste good and not !DERANGED 😉

no! 'stay healthy' is the most important and precious one can say these mad days. right now O am reading a long analytic read about this damn Pandemia that I was directed to by @tatdt. its in Russian, tho, so no much use for you. but the main idea is simple; we should learn what the China did - and cut off our socializing 99%, just isolate ourselves till this tide will go down. this is the only thing that works..

stay healthy, and isolate your family.

This is exactly what Austria is already doing and from tomorrow on all schools are closed and also all not life essential shops as well as restaurants and bars and everything else where more than a few people could meet.
I think this will get even more restricted so that we might not be allowed to leave our homes unless we really need to, and in a few weeks life will become about normal again, just as it will be in China sooner.

At least I do hope and believe in a good ending and we should never stop to believe in us.


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