How to be Witness? Noob to Pro Guidelines..!!

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Hello Hello MIC Testing Hehehe.........

i am blockseater from Pakistan you can read my Intro Post HERE I am the Owner of the @stmpak.wit account manager This is 1st Pakistani steemit witness in steemit history. you can read more about our purpose and why we create this node in The Interview Showcase #13

So you want to be a witness? amazing!
You've come to the right place. I am here with a Brand new series
NOOB to PRO witness Guidelines. Everyone could be witness, they must have basic Knowledge about Putty and git.

  • What is a STEEM Witness?
  • What Does a Good Witness Do?

What is Steem Witness?

The term a Steemit Witness is to be associated with the blockchain. it requires a set of people active users to create blocks and uses a consensus mechanism called Delegated Proof of Stake. every blockchain give the rewards to its Witnesses in their native tokens same when a steemit witness Produce the blocks and blocks give you Steempower.

The Steem blockchain requires a set of people to create blocks and uses a consensus mechanism called delegated proof of stake, or DPOS. The community elects 'witnesses' to act as the network's block producers and governance body. There are 20 full-time witnesses, producing a block every 63-second round. A 21st position is shared by the backup witnesses, who are scheduled proportionally to the amount of stake-weighted community approval they have. Witnesses are compensated with Steem Power for each block they create.FAQ

What Does a Good Witness Do?

First of all, a Steemit witness must be a good steemit user he/she must have good relationships with other users. Good steem witness does a full-time job with steemit so he must have active and keep updating its node. The current Witness node is running in the 0.23.1 version to produce blocks. run a stable and reliable witness node on a server to avoid missing blocks
Come on witness on your duty
Yes, Nodes must be updated its witness node, that shows you are sincere about the steemit platform. The top 20 witnesses produce blocks every 63 seconds so they always set 2 witness nodes to other regions to run, for being active 7/24/365. a good witness also keeps updating price_feed its helpful to keep stable STEEM/USD and SBD/USD pairs.


After knowing this what is witness and what they need to do to keep in active witness list so, let me clear that i mention points below...

Basic things to running Witness :

  • What kind of hardware setup should use your own hardware or rent?
  • How to Buy and setup Rental server?
  • How Server Host Building & Installing Terminal ?
  • How to Download Steem latest data ?
  • Configuration of Witness
  • How to Generate witness keys and how to use them?
  • How to Update Witness properties?
  • How to Update Witness Price Feed in PM2 and Config?
  • How to Monitor Your Witness Server?

There are lots of guides around the steemit i search all are belongs to previous versions related... Thanks, @justty, and @ety001 they update day to day.

What kind of hardware setup should use your own hardware or rent?

Many of users want to know which necessary modules need to run a witness node. Like a High computer with 32GB RAM and a minimum 1TB hard disk, with high-speed internet, your system must be Online 24/7/365. when a user thinks these are basic requirements to run the witness node on steem. They feel disappointed and change the mind, Many of steemians have 4/512GB Computer for normal use. i checked there is one PC available on OXL its 1,50,000 pak rupees but still not guaranty it will work 24 work properly. it could be heat up but we need comfortable zone.

SO its mean newbie can't be witness

Listen dear read again the title of post. one thing that could make your job more easy, rent a computer in mini price near of your region and start work it is very cheap. 99% witnesses use this method they buy VPS Virtual private server its cheap and trust-able with all the requirements we need to run steemit witness. they are responsible for the hardware, the power, and the network connectivity.

What is VPS
A virtual private server is a virtual machine its used for an Internet hosting service. The virtual dedicated server also has a similar. We buy a server from data center for our personal use.


How to Buy and setup Rental server?

Now Be cool and change your mind. Lets buy a Virtual server that will also run in your local commuter.


Need to know some basic thing before buying a Server.

  • Try to find a Friendly and trusted VPS provider.
  • They are Giving good costumer support.
  • powerful server located somewhere.
  • Don't cheap out on the server or VPS hosting your witness node.
  • Cheap / budget servers won't run.
  • They are Offering VPS to running Witness node.
  • Easy to understand.

Lets Buy a Server

We cant buy high computer for now so we will buy a Virtual server to run node. I choose its good cheap with multi options.


Buy Cloud VPS L with simple setting choose near of your location with updated Operating system ubanto 20.04..



Make Strong password for your server

One more thing you should understand. every time when you Login in your server you need to type root or admin our operating system have access with ROOT. make a strong password for your server, don't write your mobile number or simple alphabet. generating password is also not a good idea. must include some special symbols like ~!@@#^ make password more strong.


Put your info you are new user. some time its take few hours in processing


Congratulation! Now you have Heavy VPS to run witness in small fees. Keep your data save and don't forget to paste another place.

Next episode, we'll learn how to connect to our server using a terminal program. This is also necessary part because we have a Virtual server but we need terminal for running commands then we can create our witness. this terminal will be in your local PC.

we also running steemit witness node from Pakistan side Read our purpose of creating witness and support. feel free to join our DISCORD

Thanks to:-
@steemcurator01, @steemchiller, @chriddi, @pennsif, @steemit-pak, @realrobinhood, @michelangelo3, @stephenkendal


At first I thought Cloud VPS L from Contabo was too small. But as I see in this tutorial by @rexthetech, it might be possible in terms of storage space. About 600GB should be enough to load the blockchain archive and unpack it.

If you can pay in euros, it will be a bit cheaper:

Do you have the VPS L for your witness server? I would like to know if this server is actually sufficient.

I would like to say thank you you visit here.
1st. vps L provide you 800 GB SSD, it's enough for installing and unpacking you can see in my terminal
Total used 352 gb. My vps have 50% more space
2nd I'm docker user I like to write simple and state forward.

3rd vps from nearest region is more best pay some extra 4/5$ don't worry.

I think buying in euros could confused my Asian, it's just start I will definitely clear more


Oh, now I'd like to start a server straight away, but I know it takes time to keep the server running. I'll have to think about it carefully.

Thanks for the useful information!

Yes I also want to see 200+ active witness for steemit

If you have time kindly vote @Stmpak.wit as witness, you can check the purpose why we create this witness node

Wow. You have explained very great about all the basics of the Steemit witness. From your this post, I learnt a lot of things that are surely important for me to know about.

Being a Steemit witness is really a great experience and you are doing everything in the right path. Always best wishes for this witness mode from our beloved country, Pakistan.


It's really helpful. Simple and informative. I am waiting for next one.

Yes I will try to make in this week pt2

Hi, @blockseater,

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

Please consider voting for our witness, setting us as a proxy,
or delegate to @ecosynthesizer to earn 100% of the curation rewards!
3000SP | 4000SP | 5000SP | 10000SP | 100000SP


Good luck with your series! I've really enjoyed writing a similar one, and the best way to make sure you understand anything is to try and explain it to someone else :)

Thnks for wishing me senior ;)

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