When You Telegraph Your Upvote, Curation Snipers Be Like🐞🐞🐞... - Jojo Meme Contest Updates!

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When Killer Queen votes a post, it just might BLOW UP!💥 See what I did there?😉

The Steem JJBA Meme Contest has been opened to ALL templates!

I'm upping the ante!💰💰💰

Liquid rewards on this and the last post will go to a prize pool for top 3 submissions!

    Since the rules have changed, contest will be extended to the the payout date of the post yesterday. Get your submissions in before then and optionally post them to Reddit w screencap of peak karma. (See my example further below)

    Harvest is Shigekiyo "Shigechi" Yangu's stand. Shigechi sends out Harvest to collect things such as coins so it reminds me of Steem programmers that send bots out for curation rewards.

    To be honest, it seems kinda smart to scan comments potentially telegraphing later votes to front run for curation rewards. Of course, manual curation is the best but, from an ROI perspective, this seems like it would be an interesting way to earn curation while AFK.

    I actually telegraphed boosting @creativetruth's Reverb Act III meme submission with my SFR tokens using the @steemflagrewards bot... But it looks like nobody caught it!😅

You snooze you lose, snipers!

    Anyways, I wasn't really clear how the winner of the contest will be selected so wanted to clarify after giving it some thought. We will use @dpoll, created by witness @emrebeyler, to see which meme is the most popular on chain.

    We will also count how well the meme did if you happened to also post it to the /r/ShitPostCrusader subreddit which I will explain. (Don't forget to link back to Steem for outreach / onboarding purposes!)

    I actually did yesterday but it really didn't make it too far. Still yet, I made sure to plug Steem in the comments.


    Let's say for posting to Reddit the contest submission will receive added weight of the post karma rounded to the nearest multiple of 5 then divided by 5. Once I post the following entry to chain. The Reddit weight will be 4 as it has 19 karma at the moment.

    Since Karma is subject to rise and fall, just grab a screencap at any moment and that may be used for scoring.

Don't even think about doctoring the image!

Tamami Kobayashi has offered to use The Lock on any attempted cheaters.

Trust me. You don't wanna deal with the weight of that GUILT!

Scene where The Lock is introduced.

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When do we get the results for the meme contest? 😁

We're gonna run a dpoll. I can work on that today. Would like to know if you and @creativetruth are ok with @enforcer48's slightly late entries inclusion. Lmk if or if not.

Sure why not! I read that entry, it was a really well written post, so I'm cool with it 😁

Oh yeah, no biggie. Let everyone participate.