Nuggets close training facilities due to Covid cases

2 members of the staff tested positive for Covid and these 2 were meant to be part of the traveling team that is going to Orlando for the resuming of the season in ESPN's facility on Disney property.


This is more bad news for the Denver side who already faced a setback when one of their star players Nikola Jokic tested positive for the virus in his home country of Serbia. He is one of only 4 players that averages more than 20 points and 10 rebounds per game.

The Nuggets are definitely not favorites to win the league but they were doing quite well in 3rd place and are just a game and half away from taking the 2nd place spot away from the L.A. Clippers. However this same game difference exists between the Nuggets and the 4th place Utah Jazz.

As was announced just a few days ago, the NBA season will resume in Orlando on the 30th of July so this lack of training camp activities comes at a very bad time.


During this latest phase of testing Michael Malone, the head coach of the Nuggets tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies which suggest that he already had the virus around March and the coach reported that he was only feeling "a little under the weather" at the time.

Keep in mind that the training facility in question is the one in Denver, not Orlando as the team has plans to fly to Florida on the 7th of July to being local training. It remains to be seen if the 2 members of the staff will be replaced / unused in the remainder of the season.

In other NBA news 3 members of the New Orleans Pelicans tested positive for the virus as well but their names have been withheld in compliance with medical privacy laws.


I don't the Nugs had any sort of meaningful chance in this thing anyway but it would be nice if they could remain competitive.

Well that is tragic indeed ... i wonder how long they have had it, or if they actually even do have it. What assurance do we have that these tests are even accurate? The government? pffft

I guess I'll watch a game or two, just to mix things up... but i don't even have cable tv so I don't know how I am going to do that anyway.

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