Curation Nation (Dive right in!)

Welcome to another Curation Nation, hope I selected some Gems for you to check out!

💥 Sometimes things get stale sometimes they seem more full of creative juices then usual. Lately, it's been a kind of cool mix of some new angles on topics or just very good points made. Curation helps because like most on here, I've got ten things going so sitting on here to sift through a lot is impossible at times.💥




Till Next Time, Have a Nice Day!


It would be cool if you shared some of your Curation Gems with us on The PYPT Show on Thursdays. You know the show is broadcasted live on @vimm and FacebookTM twice every Thursday to accommodate the different time zones. The first airing is at 11:00 EST and the show later in the day is at 7:00 pm EST (you may click the times provided to find your local times). Recordings of past shows can be found on YouTubeTM.

It would be a great boon to Sports Talk Social Tribe, not to mention your curation efforts. You might even win some Steem Basic Income (SBI), SHADE Tokens or both!

We have missed you a great deal! I am glad to see that you have again become a great deal more active on the STEEM Blockchain of late. As always,


I used to do them all the times then life got busy and now am doing a lot of freelance stuff and then write on here and have fun. I'll try to make one but if STS wants my ASMR voice to promote them they gotta pay, ha ha, I'd probably also promote my many many communities, lol , say hi to Shadowspub. Heya @leedsunited, @shadowspub ;)
For anyone who keeps thinking me and @reverend rum are the same person (eyeroll) we ain't. Here's my voice, fast track to 25 minutes 24 seconds! Be ready to have your mind melted and your heart inflated

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