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Commencement of "Best Of Bangladesh"


Our Objectives : Basically, our aim is to stream social activities. To present our lifestyle, culture & creative works. We are trying to bring a vast number of people under the steemit blockchain. We are inviting the subscribers to create their posts & we will support them as much as possible from this account. That's why we also invite to delegate their single SP to @bangladesh.com. It is sured that they will get 100% curation reward. And we will curate on the basis of post quality. All rewards of our community account will be powered up to build our community. And we will make daily curation list & we will also select some top posts. Moreover, we will make weekly & monthly report.

In case of newcomers', we will suggest them to complete their achievement tasks (at least 4) because of learning well about plagiarism, applying markdown & usages of steemit keys. However, they will be able to create a unique & better content.

Why did we feel that Bangladesh needed a new community?

  • The running operators of Steem Bangladesh are oppressive from different perspectives :

If a steem user wants to post Steem Bangladesh, he has to pay 10% beneficiary..A content creator will provide the beneficiary as per his wish. A content creator creates content according to his talent. Content rewards are given to a content creator according to his talent. Since you are receiving 10% rewards from the contact maker. But I think you're stealing the talent of a content creator. You cannot do anything outside the rules of the Steem platform.

They recently appointed 3 moderators in the steem Bangladesh community. What factors do they focus on when choosing a moderator? Why not post a recruitment when they chose a moderator in their community. Sufficient kinship has been exercised in the selection of moderators.

They had fixed the date for the individuals to select Top Posts, which reduced the interest of those who love to create a quality post. That's why the person posted on that date only.

They have created a chaotic situation by changing their rules every day.

The admin have been powered down most of his SP. Even he powered down from their community account whether it important to build a community account.

The Diary Games is a huge project of the Steem team. But the admin of Steem-Bangladesh has given us without directing that they will not be able to provide any kind of support to those who will post the diary games.

Already 2 CR of Bangladesh have boycotted this community.

What Kinds of Contents You can Create In This Community.

Label To The Subscribers

  • Heroic Member
  • Diamond Member
  • Platinum Member
  • Member

Member : The persons who will subscribe primarily are given the label. We will label them again on their activities.

Platinum Member The persons who have completed Achievement Task 1 from Newcomers' Community are given the label.

Diamond Member : The persons who have completed their Achievement Task 1-4 & gained the reputation 62 at least are given the label.

Heroic Member : The persons who have completed their Achievement Task 6 from Newcomers' Community are given the label.


This is a social platform, that's why we are providing opinions that it is not possible to retain someone just by monetary rewards. Thus the idea of our community will be cleared after joining in Best Of Bangladesh community. We will try to provide our best efforts to manage a perfect balance between quality content & reward.

In addition, we will focus on bringing a vast number of bloggers in this community. For our sleek beginning we might need the support & co-operation of @steemcurator01. To enhance our activity we will recruit some moderators on the basis of skills. Above all, we will continue to work regularly.

Cc :


আপনাদের কাজ দেখে আসলে হাসবো নাকি বুঝতে পারতেছি না।

এর আগেও Steem Bangladesh এ আমরা ৬% - ১০% বেনিফিশিয়ার দিতাম তখন আমাদের অনেকের ১০০% ডেলিগেশনও ছিল। তখন তো ঠিকই ডেলিগেশন করার জন্য লাফাইতেন। তখন তো কেউ কোন অভিযোগ তুলেননি।


আজকে আসে যখন steem bangladesh এর তিনজন CR রা আলাদা হয়ে গেল তখন আপনাদের কয়েকজনের ৮০% ডেলিগেশন আর ১০% বেনিফিশিয়ার গলার কাটা হয়ে গেল!!

এভাবে আর কত খয়রাতিগিরি করবেন?
লেমগিরির একটা লিমিট থাকে....
মানে এতদিন যেই থালিতেই খাইলো আজকে সেই থালিই ফুটা করতেছে।

Hi @saany

You don't talk about Steem Bangladesh community in this community, this community will run at its own pace.

তাহলে পোস্টে steem-bangladesh community নিয়া লিখছিস কেন?

কেন ভাই??
উচিত কথা বললে এখন লাগে?

vai jole??

These videos prove that rex-sumon is jealous. @rex-sumon is provoking others to talk against @toufiq777 without any reason. Everyone got good amount of support from Steem Bangladesh community, I can prove that. In past @rex-sumon misused his power. He forced me to give him place in Daily top post in Steem-bangladesh community. The post topic was Game Review though he forced and take place of his Town in Ten Pics post.

The proof:


Hi @nahidhasan23

I don't think there is any need to talk about any other issue from this community. The community will move at its own pace. You can ask any community related question here and we will try to answer.

সত্য কথা বলছে তো উত্তর না পেয়ে এখন কথা ঘুরাচ্ছেন৷

ভাই ওদের ভুলে সাত খুন মাফ৷ ওরা কেবল জন্ম নেওয়া শিশু।

 3 years ago 

I believe that one day this community will be able to occupy a huge space like all the other big communities and will be able to use themselves properly and develop the ability to give rewards. I wish success to this community as a proud member of this community.

They had fixed the date for the individuals to select Top Posts, which reduced the interest of those who love to create a quality post. That's why the person posted on that date only.

wrong. In our community, contests are given every day And from among those who participate in the contest, those who post well. They get support in our daily top post. If necessary, @steemcurator01 can check it.

The admin have been powered down most of his SP. Even he powered down from their community account whether it important to build a community account.

Previously steem-bangladesh community admin was @rex-sumon, @tarpan and @toufiq777. And @rex-sumon, @tarpan and @toufiq777 three Cr and admin have taken them all out with steem power powerdown. You don't have to blame me alone here. I am now trying to increase community power. Those who used to post in the steem-bangladesh community are divided and opening new communities. This has reduced the power of the community Now we have to try to increase the power quickly. Recently @eh-shohag canceled 2500 sp, @sm-shagor 1000, @msharif 1100, @sabbirrr 1400 sp delegation. Yet the current steem-bangladesh community steem-power is now 28k. Even after we give enough support to these people, they are canceling their delegation from steem bangladesh community.

But the admin of Steem-Bangladesh has given us without directing that they will not be able to provide any kind of support to those who will post the diary games.

We support diary game from sc07, booming account. It is not right to comment without knowing something. And no one's experience can be understood with diary game. We try to support the post of other topics.

Already 2 CR of Bangladesh have boycotted this community.

Where did you get this information from? What @tarpan is saying is that he is boycotting the steem-bangladesh community.

Hi @toufiq777

We are ashamed that a man like you is the admin and CR of Steem Bangladesh community. That is constantly copying other people's posts.

A few days ago you copied a post from Steem Sri Lanka.@randulakoralage showed you that Naughty character. You have done the same thing over and over again.. Here is proof . Thanks @belenguerra. To highlight all the activities of @toufiq777.

How do you manage a community where you don't follow Steem rules? How you can manage a community. What people will learn from you. You are not qualified to say this.

We have systematically opened up the community and we will manage in a systematic way. And I put away your kinship. We have clarified everything. We have already told you everything. You have not addressed any issues.

CC.@steemcurator01 @steemcurator02

Thank you very much for your support @bangladesh.com I can't believe this...

 3 years ago (edited)

Thanks @belenguerra supporting our community.

We are not interested in working with any naughty people.

Korbe ala, support ber korbo. Bangladesh ar kew e support pabe na

সালা আমি খারাপ। প্রয়োজনে আমি ভালো। অপ্রয়োজনে আমি খারাপ। আমার জন্য রেক্সসুমন steemit এ আসতে পারছে। আর তোরা জয়েন করতে পারছিস৷ আমাকে শ্রদ্ধা করা দরকার৷ তোদের মত লোককে সাপোর্ট দেওয়ার থেকে একটা জেনাকরীকে সাপোর্ট দেওয়া ভালো।

My friend, it's good if other problems came out to light because of my post. I had no idea about his movements, he copied twice a post that I made for the achievements of my community and I exposed that horrible plagiarism.

Then, the thing came bigger, because it seems that this person use t make very bad use of the platform.

Haha ami karap, amr jorno ato kicu korta parcish tora. Aktu holao amr pokke kotha bola dorker. Ashola karo valo korta nae, amr jorno polapan steemit a aber kaj korta parce. Ata mathae dukhae rakh. Allah to dekhce ki hoece. Tora j bisshas ghatokota korcish. Ar panishment somoy moto pabi

amar nam ekhane mention diacen keno.. ami to kaoke nijer power down dia power delegation korte bolini.. keo amar esob jhamelai joraienna

You are giving powerdown. That's why I gave your name. Before you there was 5000 sp. Why 2500 sp now? Why would the fault be in the name of just one Cr. The fault is doing 3 Cr.

 3 years ago (edited)

Because I did not put pressure on others to delegate with my own power down.
bro , your power was 15k+
I don't want to worry about this. Don't mention me anywhere.

Amake system a post kora jhamelae joraben, ar ami comment a sorto kotha bolce akhon ga a lage, dhora ami aka keno khabo apnarao khan.

dhora khaia gecen naki apni.?

আমি খাই নাই তোরেও বাশ টা দিয়া যাবো, অপেক্ষা কর৷ ছি আর দুইজনেরি বাতিল হবে

Amar lagbona C ar

লাগবেনা তো জ্বলতেছে কেন। আমি ডেলিগেশন কথা বলছি গায়ে লাগে কেন যখন ছি আর লাগবে না

Hello @toufiq777

We are not satisfied on your selfish & kinship behaves. Your chaotic operating systems have been discouraged us a lot. That's why I had to cancel our delegation & felt to work in systematic manner. As a Cr your faults are many, you don't deserve to operate a community.

আমি সেলফিস৷ আমার জন্য ৬০০০ স্টীম ইনকাম করতে পারছিস৷ নাহলে এগুলো চোখেও দেখতি না। এমন ভাব তোদের তোরাই আমাদের স্টীমিটে জয়েন করাইছিস। আমি ইচ্ছে করলে সব একাই নিতে পারতাম। আমি সেটা করি নাই৷ তারপরেও আমি সেলফিস৷ আল্লাহ দেখছে আমি কি করছি। তোদের মত মানুষ আমার কাজের দাম দিতে পারবে না৷ সাপোর্ট পাওয়ার পরেও যে কমিউনিটি বদনাম করতে পারে। সে মানুষ না অমানুষ।

আপনাকে যখনই নক করেছি, আপনি বলেছেন আপনি কোন কাজই করেন না। অথচ আপনি সব কাজ করেতেন।

বাকি দুজন আমাকে যেভাবে বলতে বলছে সেভাবে বলছি৷

 3 years ago 

Apni dongser pothe jachchen Vai. Apni cr hoye Amar sathe ja korchen seta ekjon sadaron Manus o kore na. Beshi bere gechen apni. Apni amare block keno korchen. Ami apnar Sathe kono beyadobi korchi???


Ekjon cr hisebe apnar kaj ta thik Hoy nai. Matha thanda rakhun vai. Amra apnar golami Korte asini.

Good bye @toufiq777. ASHA korchi sadaron usar Der Sathe mokhe Ros niye Kotha Bolte shikhben.

Ar apni bar bar delegation niye chap dichen. 1400 sp delegation korar por apni bolchen 1724 so delegation na korle support pabo na.


Vikkha kora bad den vai. Kosto kore post Kori Amra ar beneficiary nen apni. Eta kemn Kotha Vai??
Sadhin babe kaj Korte din sobaike.🙄

Tor vikkha lagla bolish, toder moto public ar kotha shuna amr lav nae, block kora dici na, amr sathe contract korer try korish na, jar kace gacish, kicu din por bujhbi ki hoe

 3 years ago 

Amar mukh kharap hole বাপের nam vule যাবি kintu.সুতরাং matha gorom করিস na. Vikkha korte হলে pothe boste পারস। Hala মাদারবোর্ড. Nijer যোগ্যতায় ami kaj kori tui আমারে kono বাল ও সাহায্য koros nai.
বয়কোট korlam tore.

সৎ vabe কাজ korte শিখ। Churi করা bondho কর।

ক্ষমতা থাকলে আইসা কি করবি করে দেখায় যাইস ভাই৷ তোদের মত পাবলিককে সাপোর্ট দিয়া সন্তুষ্ট করা যাবে না৷ সাপোর্ট দুইদিন পাওয়ার পরেও যে ডেলিগেশন কে ইসু করে।

এতদিন steem-bangladesh a 100% delegation করা যাইতো। এখন হঠাৎ করে কি হইলো। আমি সৎ দেখে তোরা আছিস। অসৎ হলে এতদিন কাজ বাদ দেওয়া লাগতো।

 3 years ago 

I don't think there should be a delegation in a community where the admin himself just wants to enjoy the benefits. I don't want to be on a committee where there's just injustice. I don't want to delegate to a community where no good content is valued .

Community kholar odhikar sobar e ace,, but lov kora akdom e usit na..
Asakori apnara sot vhabe kaj korben..

এটা বাংলিস না লিখে বাংলা বা ইংরেজিতে লিখতে কি ভয় লাগে?

Ho..voi pai

 3 years ago 

ধন্যবাদ এতো সুন্দর একটা কমিউনিটি আমাদের জন্য তৈরি করার জন্য।আশা করি এটা আমাদের সবার জন্য ভালো দিক বহন করবে।

এই কমিউনিটি আমার ভালো লেগেছে। ভালো লেগেছে নিয়মগুলি। আমি এর সাফল্য কামনা করি। ধন্যবাদ। আমি চেষ্টা করবো সব সময় পোস্ট করতে।


Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

If you would like to support us, please consider voting for our witness, setting us as a proxy,or delegating to the project by using one of the following links:
500SP | 1000SP | 2000SP | 3000SP | 4000SP | 5000SP | 10000SP | 100000SP

Well described & presented. Move forward.

thank you so much.. i happy to join this beautiful community. best of luck for this community.

Thank you for join in our community.

We will make our community strong

Inn sha Allah

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