What is a good captain score?

in Fantasy Sports6 months ago

Like I wrote in my captains post yesterday (https://steemit.com/hive-100604/@fplcanary/euro-2020-captain-canaries), I had C. Immobile as my captain last night. He scored a goal and got an assist to score me 9 points which is doubled to 18.

I think that this is a good score for my captain but I have Eriksen, Sabitzer, Morata and Ronaldo playing each day who could score more.

What score you you be happy with for your captain?

image source - https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1443275

 6 months ago 

I think with the 5 chances that you get this matchweek, anything around 8 or higher's pretty decent. That's 2 returns I think. So I definitely wouldn't change it from Immobile.

 6 months ago 

I'm in that difficult zone where my captain's scored me 6 points - Kane (v. Scotland), Torres (v. Poland) and Ronaldo (v. Germany) as future options. What do you think? I'm tempted to gamble.

I would gamble. You need 1 goal to break even and any more is a bonus. Kane should score against Scotland.

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