Euro 2020 Captain Canaries

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One of the most important decisions in FPL is choosing the best captain and because in Fantasy Euro you can change your captain every day, you get 4 or 5 chances to choose the best player.

For each day in Matchweek 1, I have listed the teams that the bookmakers have as favorites (less then 2.0) and who i think is the best choice from each team.

11th June: Italy (C. Immobile)
12th June: Denmark (C. Eriksen), Belgium (R. Lukaku)
13th June: Austria (M. Sabitzer), Netherlands (M. Depay), England (H. Kane)
14th June: Spain (A. Morata), Poland (R. Lewandowski)
15th June: Portugal (C. Ronaldo)

M. Sabitzer is a differential selected by 1% of teams. He also only costs €8m so is the cheapest option.

A strategy choosing C. Immobile, C. Eriksen, M. Sabitzer, A. Morata and having C. Ronaldo playing last could be good.

What do you think?

 6 months ago 

I think that could be good. I expect the people who do best in this league to be the ones who think about this and how they can most benefit from daily changes to subs and captains.

Just an hour and a half left - I wonder how many changes I'll make once the 1st lot of team news is announced!!

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