Thursday is Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 49

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Thursday is Butterflyday and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 49! Thanks to all who have joined the Insect Pub Community! If you would like to join, please do the following:

1-Click on this link:
2-Log in with your Steemit name and posting key.
3-Subscribe to Insect Pub.

Gather around the Insect Pub to see butterflies and other insects from around the world, and to make new friends. Post your butterfly and other insect photos, or artwork for a chance to win Steem Basic Income units. A minimum of 2-SBI will be given away; 1-SBI for photos and 1-SBI for artwork. If no artwork is submitted, then 2-SBI will be given away for photos. Entries will not be judged and winners are chosen at random. You have 6 days for entries in this post and then a new one will begin. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful entries and I enjoy each and every one of them. The winners for Week 48 are: @chromiumone, @slwzl, @gertu, and @gingbabida. Congratulations!

Here are the rules for the Giveaway.

1-One submission per person per week.
2-Photos and artwork must be your own work. Photos and artwork from the internet will not be accepted.
3-NEW! Click on this link: which will take you to the Insect Pub Community. Click on NEW POST and make your butterfly or insect post there. Use #insectpub as your first tag. After submitting your post, click on Resteem to have your post show up in your blog.
4-IMPORTANT! You must put the link to your post in the comments below to be entered in the giveaway.
5-Upvotes to this post are not required.

I am looking forward to your entries!

Here are my photos for this week.

Skipper Butterflies

Skipper butterflies are in the family Hesperiidae and there are more than 3.500 species worldwide. Approximately 275 species are here in North America. Most are usually orange, brown and gray with a chunky body, large eyes, and short antennae with hooked clubs.

Most Skippers are small but some are medium in size and a few have iridescent colors. The medium size skipper shown on the right is the Silver-Spotted Skipper. Trying to identify the small skippers can be a daunting task so I will leave that for the experts.

They have a long proboscis which is used to sip nectar from a variety of flowers but some also sip from bird droppings for nutrients. It is fun to watch skipper butterflies dart from flower to flower as if to be skipping; hence their name.

Thanks for stopping by!

All photos are my own.

Information Source:,

This pretty butterfly Gif is brought to you by @brisby. Thank you!

Proof of transfer.

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Ooooooh Skippers o.o
Nice shots @whatisnew love the Skippers ;)
Thanks for the prize and congratulations to the other winners this week.
Here is my entry for week 49

IMG_1384 (2).jpg


My pleasure @chromiumone! I knew you would love these skippers. Thanks for your entry. : )

Hopefully I get a bunch this year too.
Glad to have something to enter =)
Insects been scarce around here for a wile.

Beautiful butterflies and the information you provided is interesting! I also love the flowers. They have very sweet colors! Great capture! ;)

Thanks for your kind words @tangmo. Glad you liked it. The pink and purple flowers are nice but I know how much you love white flowers. Hopefully I will be able to find some for you this spring. : )

You're welcome! Ah! Yeah! I do really hope you can find some white flowers very soon. Many thanks in advance. ;)))

Welcome and nice to see you here @oizaguirres! Thanks for your entry. : )

Muchas gracias por tus palabras de bienvenida!

Wow! Thank you so much! 😍 I'm not expecting this. This is such a pleassant surprise. Thank you. 😍

My pleasure @gingbabida! : )

Thank you @whatisnew for giving me chance to enter this for the next round.
Here is it:

Hi @olivia08! Nice to see you here and thanks for your entry. : )

You just received DERANGED @whatisnew Keep up the great work. Congrats, you have been gifted 1 DerangedCoin. You can redeem 20 of them for an upvote from the deranged.coin account. Redeem your tokens by sending to deranged.coin through Steem Engine with your post URL in the memo field, view all your tokens at

Thank you!

Vaya, que bueno!! gracias @whatisnew por yo ser integrante del grupo de ganadores.
Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores!! y en especial a, @gingbabida y @chromiumone.

Wow, that's good! Thanks @whatisnew for me being a member of the group of winners.
Congratulations to all the winners! and especially to @gingbabida and @chromiumone.

Thank you @gerru. And congratulations too! 👏👏👏

My pleasure Cheerleader! : )

Thanks for the prize. wiii joy, I'll run to my wallet to invite @Belkisa758 ja ja :)
Thank you very much, beautiful friend.

HaHa! My pleasure @slwzl. : )

Hi @elkezaksek! Nice to see you here and thanks for your entry. : )

Howdy Butterfly! No way that's a butterfly! looks like a dang ugly moth to me. Sorry, I know you like them both. lol. Great job on the contest though!

Now Jonboy, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. : ) I do appreciate your weekly support Jonboy! Hugs!

Howdy today Butterfly! you are so welcome and I wish I was a much larger account so my votes were worth something!

You stopping by is priceless. : )

Oh you're way too kind but I'll take it. lol.