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I wanted to make this post for a good while now to tell you guys about the public API that I built for 3Speak. Finished already months ago it was only today deployed to production. The API allows 3rd party developers to integrate 3Speak content into their own web applications easily.

INFO: The API does not allow 3rd party video uploads at the moment. I am building an oAuth2 integration for 3Speak to allow this kind of implementation in the future. If you are interested get in touch.

The base URL for all API requests is:


GET /leaderboard

Returns the content creator leaderboard of 3Speak as a JSON array.

    "rank": 1,
    "score": 55,
    "username": "cryptoinvestsvk"
    "rank": 2,
    "score": 42.43,
    "username": "nuoviso"
    "rank": 3,
    "score": 31.26,
    "username": "toufiq777"
    "rank": 4,
    "score": 23.03,
    "username": "clixmoney"

GET /banned

Returns a list of banned content creators. Append ?details=true to also retrieve the ban reason.

GET /@:username

  • username

Returns a user profile. If the user is not found an error message is returned instead.

  "username": "wehmoen",
  "banned": false,
  "canUpload": true,
  "canProxyUpvote": false,
  "isCitizenJournalist": false,
  "hidden": false,
  "verified": true,
  "joined": "2019-05-13T11:13:45.908Z",
  "badges": [
  "subscriber": 52,
  "views": 1278,
  "avatar": "https://v--01-profile-eu-west.3speak.online/79eb80699b3634a68d0f6b047ee159d7.png",
  "cover": "https://v--01-cover-eu-west.3speak.online/79eb80699b3634a68d0f6b047ee159d7.png"

GET /@:username/:permlink

  • username
  • permlink

Returns information about a single video or if the permlink is set to @all all videos from this user.

  "created": "2019-12-12T08:35:49.381Z",
  "language": "en",
  "views": 345,
  "author": "wehmoen",
  "likes": 1,
  "permlink": "xrhjxocx",
  "title": "Most Simple Steem Account Creation Tool",
  "duration": 90.3,
  "tags": [
  "images": {
    "thumbnail": "https://img.3speakcontent.online/xrhjxocx/thumbnail.png",
    "poster": "https://img.3speakcontent.online/xrhjxocx/poster.png",
    "post": "https://img.3speakcontent.online/xrhjxocx/post.png"
  "description": "",
  "embed": "<iframe width=\"560\" height=\"315\" src=\"https://3speak.online/embed?v=wehmoen/xrhjxocx\" frameborder=\"0\"  allow=\"accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen></iframe>"

GET /statistics

Returns a numbers and global statistics about 3Speak.

  "creators": 967,
  "videos": {
    "count": 10925,
    "size": 6079702568518.25,
    "duration": 7723860.399190438
  "views": 362740,
  "likes": 11746,
  "subscriber": 4285,
  "communities": 12,
  "notifications": 13170,
  "guestAccounts": {
    "comments": 365,
    "user": 1228
  "spk": {
    "transactions": 468

GET /feeds/trending

Returns the top 100 trending videos as an array.

GET /feeds/new

Returns the latest 100 videos as an array.


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Does that has anything to do with Steem? I don't see how.

 2 months ago 

No it does not. It is the API for 3Speak. If you are looking for the Steem API docs check this link instead: https://developers.steem.io/

Happy new year 🎆🎊🎈

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