PROMOTING #steem Into Multiple TELEGRAM Groups | #letspushsteem

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Hey Guys,

I'm back here with another video for you all and this one is gonna be an interesting one !

I've made a promotional video for STEEM and did shared it in multiple Telegram groups and I'm really hoping it makes some effort.

I've decided I'm gonna do this again with some other medium in an other way and will keep doin it :) I request you guys too for promoting STEEM in the way you wanna do :)

Thanks For Stoppin by ;)

I'll Be Back :)

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Great job...keep it up.

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Thanks a lot bud !

#steem on !

Great idea. But YouTube is the best source to promote steemit.

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I'm already workin upon my YouTube one :)

I will be using multiple sites where I'm gonna continue this #promo-steem initiative in my own unique way :)

Would love to see more people contributing in the same and bring a good amount of effort into count :)

#steem oN !

What is your YouTube Channel?

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What is your YouTube Channel?

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I have no YouTube channel but YouTube is a big platform where steemit should be promoted very well.

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This is really a remarkable performance you have executed. Thanks for the effort put in.

Thanks mate :)

I would really love to see you too doing something similar which counts in the same direction :)

#steem on !

@dr0g1 -> #2do2find (hey, /me found \u here, si?) (-8

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Nice work

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Thanks a lot :)

Feels great to hear from your side !

#steem on!

lol if you really want to do this. come to and where we have steem engine STEEMP on EOS on @tipitbot add tipitbot to your group :)