Aerosmith: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

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Hello everyone! This will be the first video i will be uploading to 3speak. Recently i realized that i can post to 3speak, Dtube and Steem, all 3 platforms at once and since i want to have as big of a reach as i can i was super happy to see that Dtube allows me to only post on Dtube so the video wont be double posted on Steem. :D

I tried experimenting a bit with this video to keep it interesting. :) I saw another music video where they used a black background and i thought that was cool so i copied it. :D

We are still learning when it comes to audio and video production so i hope it doesnt seem too amateurish. hehe. I found a nice LUT in Filmora and did some color grading in Davinci Resolve. I like to combine the two since DaVinci slows my PC too much if i add too many things to the video.

This song is one youve all heard. Probably the most famous song from Aerosmith that was featured in the movie "Armageddon" (1998).
Steven Tyler does a very rock performance with a lot of yelling hehe, so i wanted to give my own take on it. Was curious how it would sound.

So here it is, i hope you enjoy it and dont forget to subscribe, like and follow.
See you soon! :D

And please consider supporting me on Patreon. Thx. hehe


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I hope you are doing well Bengy. I told my fiance a while ago to upvote all you do, haha, i hope he is on it. :)

Doing decently! Just putting away in the background here! Now I am curious who your finance is.... Have you planned a wedding?

In the process of it. :)
Hes running around here making chaos. Hes the pink butterfly. lol.
Ive been taking a bit of a background path as well. A lot of the projects i liked disappeared like openmic so i am not as active as i used to be. Everybody is talking about steem and that gets a bit boring after a while. I used to be involved in it but its easier to just focus on making videos. I started to put more work into them so i dont have as much time with work and everything.

Yes, I've tried to stay out of the STEEM discussions... occasionally I will write something about it... but that usually sinks pretty quickly!

Ah yes, I've seen your man around the place! Definitely a recognisable one!

Wow, this was amazing. Great job! An old favorite song of mine.

Thank you. :)
Its been a favorite of mine as well. I always wanted to do it but i never had an idea how to do his "screaming" parts. I tried something different. Hope it fits the song. :)

Odlicno ispalo.

:D hehe


Thx Adrian! :D


Awesome. I shared it on Twitter as well. Tomorrow Facebook. :)
Everyone doing their part to spread the word. :)

Wao!, I liked so much.

Thank you. :)

I love this song. It takes me back to the 1990's to that movie with the big rock coming at earth.

It was the soundtrack to the movie. The daughter of the singer from Aerosmith was in the movie. The song turned out one of the biggest hits of theirs. :)

I just saw an interview between Aerosmith and Joe Rogan and I loved it.

With Steven Tyler? Ill take a look, it might be interesting.


Love this song! Fantastic to see/hear you on 3speak. Welcome.

Glad you enjoyed it! 😊

Incredible performance. Hats off to you. Subscribed.

Thx. Welcome aboard. :D

When I saw your video in 3speak, my reaction was ''wow!.''. I'm glad to see you here. I love music and musicians and we have so much of them here in steem. Really great singing and well edited video. ☺♪♫

Thank you! I try my best. 3speak really surprised me with how quality their video streaming is. :)

Yeah, everything work here smoothly. I never had an issue with uploading for all 4 months being on 3speak. With dtube sometimes I needed hours to upload and to contact the support again and again, it's an other reason why I'm active mostly in @threespeak.

I have have tried uploading this video to Dtube but i couldnt for some reason. I will try again. It just had the spinning loading sign.
I dont want to give up on Dtube so i hope i can upload on both platforms. I try to share my videos on as much platforms as i can.

Me too, 4K support 🤡

Yep. I was surprised they had UHD. 2160p.
Looks amazing and plays without a problem.

A surprise discovery on Steem. Thumbs up

Amazing work! Well done) and... beautyful red hair :)