Seems more a one sided deal favoring steem.. So tron pay your bills and tron gets nothing but a ty.. Seems like a bad deal

I see a lot of upside for Tron here. Having a social media platform with inbuilt atomic swaps, communities, and all the apps that Steem has with strong bridges to the Tron ecosystem is a major step forward in growing a community around not only Tron and Steem, but crypto and all social functions.

Bringing Steem to Tron's network also enables advances in decentralization through Tron's prior acquisitions of BitTorrent and Opera Browser. I'd say that Justin Sun is pretty carefully building an ecosystem that has deep synchronicity with society's communications and financial needs focusing on decentralization and censorship resistance, which both BitTorrent and Opera, that includes a native VPN, are noted for.

And that makes a lot of sense right. Thanks for being level headed.

Indeed haha 😆

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