Well, seems like I'm the only one now, despite I have offered SBI share by the end of the week, for the top 3 contributor. And the rest of those participants who complete the 5 days challenge will get 1 SBI, but nobody will ever give a damn I guess. Don't worry about me, I already saved 700 steems getting ready to roll out for the whole year. I will snowball it and make an ultimate jackpot. The ultimate contributor who make the longest legit workout post, may be I will give 100 steems? Not too sure yet. Let me go through these two months and see how can we grow together.

The thing for me is, that I rarely took pictures of myself training... Let alone record a video or something, I'll have to sort out how to do it without going too far away my comfort zone... I'll ask my little sister to help on this one

Take your time. This will go on for another 51 week 😂 I'm thinking to snowball the prizes since no taker this week!

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