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RE: Interview with @andrarchy about TRON and OpenLink.

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Am I the only one who's sad about the removal of ads ? It showed great potential and now that surviving isn't an issue, we could use that money to buy steem and redistribute it to community members that brought the most views to the platform (and thus earned steemit ad revenue). Which would both create buy pressure and incentivize people to promote their posts outside of steem.


Am I the only one who's sad about the removal of ads ?


Man you made me spit Ice-Tea through my nose reading this....

I would have had the ads as an option that people could turn off, at least. I didn't see the ads because I had them blocked. But I understand the value that they can have with revenue. So, if they removed advertisement, like that, then they are probably taking steps backwards. In other words, not good, most likely.

Im hoping each community will be allowed to do that. Remember the idea a dev had about implementing advertising revenue share to community member SMT holders.