Vlog 450: Dlease, Appics, Splinterlands, SPS, Resource Credits, RC Pools, Communities, SP influence.

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I wasn't sure how to name this vlog so I just listed all the topics.

This vlog is for everyone that wants to learn a bit more about Steem, about apps that are built on the chain and the power of Staking STEEM regarding voting power and influence (witnesses, SPS, Steem inflation direction) + the RC's it provides.

I think RC's will be the most valuable aspect of the STEEM token. I explain why for newcomers.

Splinterlands reached an ATH marketcap of 4,2 million dollars today.

Appics is growing fast. Spot #22 already on State of the Dapps (from #50 two weeks ago).

Around 15:40 I get so into my story I say 'community' twice instead of a 'commodity' in my enthusiasm. Sorry about that.

It is a long talk so I recommend 1,5x speed.

Enjoy the vlog.

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will watch in a second just curious why you dont use "Steemhunt" for your delegations as they offer 20% flat instead of the various rates on dlease?

the last time I checked but that has been a while but I did not read anything that they changed that.

You get paid the majority part in their token though and a bit of Steem

I prefer receiving Steem, receiving other tokens is risky. Steem is time proven.

I have delegated to Steemhunt but they don't offer 20% in STEEM. It's a combination with their own HUNT token (will probably become an SMT). I'm not even sure if they can still offer the 20% right now, it's been a while since I checked and the HUNT token has taken a hit.

I like Dlease because it makes sense as well for the vision I have for STEEM. Companies/communities leasing STEEM to fill RC pools. It's also very clear and easy to understand. Lease your STEEMPOWER to anyone that needs it and get x% ROI in liquid STEEM (whatever they offer) daily.

Cheers Mark

2020 has the makings of a good year for Steem with lots on the menu. I hope Steemit Inc. deliver SMT and Communities and then I guess we just have to be patient.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

2020 has some good things going for it for sure. It will be fun to see it all unfold.

Have a great day yourself!

Do Appix needs resource credits?

Yes, if you use Appics you need to have some SP staked.

I like listening to your vlogs and really appreciate your insights into what is going on on the steem blockchain but one thing reallyyyyy reallyyyy bothers me.
the credits are
resource credits and NOT research credits....
It keeps bugging me when I listen, lol

And another thing, are you using appics on ios or on android?

I am pretty sure I say resource Credits. If not..then it's the accent.

It's not the first time this happened.

I was on the radio ones talking about authors....although some ppl heard otters. It was confusing. :)

I use the iOS version.

then its good that you were not talking about resourcing authors... it would be researching otters... which is also a cool hobby if you like otters (and we all like @ottermaker)

Just updated my flightmode of appics and am back posting now as well

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I haven't been able to get Appics installed and I am kind of bummed about that. I got approved and received the email as an early adopter, but it isn't letting me install the app on my phone for whatever reason. I will have to dig into it a little deeper. I am excited to start using it.

Today I saw an appic news and talk about it on the Steem blockchain. since I started on steem I follow you because you always bring us relevant information with the blockchain and the different platforms, always with updated news and that is valued very much. I am very happy that you are always aware of new people. Good video.

I have been using the appics app since the beginning and its a fantastic app. Its like another Instagram on the steem blockchain. Indeed 2020 seems to have lots of great stuff for steem and next year is going to exciting.
Great update shared in the vlog. Have a great weekend.

Very nice video @exyle. Thank you for clarify some doubts I had. I want to understand a little bit more about SMT because I don´t understand it quite well yet (I will keep educating myself in that topic). But I can see that the future for STEEM is bright. I hope you continue educate people because you explain it a way everybody can understand.

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