#fitness2020 10 reps Challenge 2 episode 3 - ZAPPED!!!

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Look at the title, look at the thumbnail photo, it's rather simple. This is the 13 days progress so far, simple weight loss program, simple workout. Low sugar, low carbs. In between there are some crazy dinner that I needed to attend with clients at work, but generally life goes on. It was 5 reps workout, and I'm now on 10 reps workout on my 2nd week. This will escalate to 15 and by February, I should be doing 20 reps / session already.

Previous episodes for 2nd week here:
Day 2
Day 1

Week 1 concludion can be found here

Contest(Week 2)

Here's the #steem part I would like to put up. I would like to invite friends to participate in fitness. I am the guy who sign up a gym membership, but didn't go there even once because lack of workout buddy. I like "social fitness", literally go to the gym for social purpose. To me, gym is a lifestyle. I need peer pressure and I certainly hope this even will help you to continue posting daily because of the workout.


10 SBI for the winner

5 SBI for 2nd

3 SBI for 3rd

1 SBI for anyone who complete the challenge and make a summary workout report

If there's little participants, I'll just wipe my ass and walk out continue my workout with a few buddies. If there's enough participants, I will try to increase the top 5 prizes with snowball effect. When there's no taker, I will continue to add up the amount. Each week if nobody come forth and claim the reward, I will add it to the top 3.


  1. Do the workout. 10 jumping jacks, 10 push up/knee push up, 10 sit ups/crunches, 10 squats/hand assisted squats
  2. Record a video as prove of work
  3. Upload it to any social media that can allow user to watch without sign in, preferably dtube or 3speak
  4. Make a post with your prove of work and tag #fitness2020 for ease of curation
  5. Make an extra summary report by the end of challenge.
  6. Contest end - payout date of the announcement post (this post)
  7. No spam, no recycle video
  8. If you have anything to say, keep the video short, within 7 minutes.

Why this contest?

You may be saying, Dave 10 reps is a joke. Why not take it up to 50? Well, despite this contest is a fitness workout contest, ultimately its an excuse for us to make a post. I would like to take this opportunity to promote fitness, and to keep author posting on a regular basis, an extra topic for everyone to participate. I have prepared some steem for fellow participants. Ultimately, it benefit myself too, because I need workout buddy. And you my friend, 1 post a day for the fitness, you earn your potential upvote, body is yours, fitness is yours, and do the summary report and 1SBI is yours. If you win because you're handsome, or have a sexy bikini body, there you have somemore SBI as per prize stipulated.

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Already 10!If you lived here I would jump you at the gym. Personally I do not see the gym as a social place. It is each for his own and men watching themselves into the mirrors. I do not feel comfortable between this kind of human species. 💕

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Thanks Kitty. That 10 is reps. But the weight only loss 1kg so far. Nothing really fancy or to brag about.

Gym can be a social place, depending in how people take it. I myself, does take that as a social place. I never go there alone, hence in my life I only went to the gym twice, once signed up with a friend. Another time, go with that friend, and the rest is history 😂

Men who look into mirror and workout is a form of pride venting phenomena. And note that, it only applies to those who have a very define physics. You will never see a new guy chubbier like me go in front of the mirror and start lifting. Note that there's a group of guys who took of their shirt before they even reach the beach car park, and the other part of the guy who wears their grand mother pyjamas even if they're swimming in a swimming pool. It's just way of showing off, or the level of confidence being shown. And the mirror workout guy is always the wrecking t-shirts before reaching beach guys. It really has nothing to do with the gym. I have friends that train at home, that does not show off at all, and there was one time a heavy rain wet him and we finally get to see what is hiding underneath his clothes 😂

@davidke20 We have 2 weeks behind us. If you lose 2 it a don't you lost 24 at the end of this year. The hardest thing is not to gain again and change the habit of lifestyle.

I understand what you mean but I went to the gym alone and its no fun place. Plus it was stress because I had to do it between working and kids etc. I always felt exhausted and the mirror watchers are those who fill our gym.

Good story about the beach. Thanks for the good laugh. We call them the gorilla's. Same posture, mainly training back muscles.