Future of 3Speak's Upvoting Habits!

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Hello Guys,

First of all, thank you everyone for your never ending support to 3Speak and its mission to promote Freedom of Speech on the internet. We have been talking to various content creators who have faced censorship on conventional social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Many such creators have been deplatformed or demonteized for simply raising their voice on controversial topics. We as a video hosting platform want to support them and bring in more eyeballs to STEEM blockchain.

Today, we would like to discuss about 3Speak's voting habits and its future vision.


@ThreeSpeak's Voting Habits

Currently 3Speak is trying to support many content creators from various categories who create impressive videos on their channels. We are trying to distribute upvotes only on the basis of quality of the content and at the same time maintaining our Voting Power without draining it too much. With the current STEEM price our upvote value has its limits. In order to make full use of our stake, we want to try and experiment with a change in voting habits that could benefit the platform and the whole STEEM community.

Future Vision

In future, users will receive upvotes from the @Threespeak account based on the level of engagement their videos get. We will consider number of views and the no. of comments in order to calculate the amount of engagement on a particular post.

Why This Change

We would like to make curation more competitive, the creator that brings the most traffic to 3Speak gets rewarded the most. We have already brought a good number of influential Youtubers and Social Media personalities on the Platform. This change will:

  • Incentivize creators to bring their followers from other platforms to 3Speak.
  • Ensure that low engagement posts will get smaller upvotes as compared to others.
  • Encourage budding creators to become the best version of themselves and gather a decent following on STEEM & 3Speak.

Apart from the content creators, STEEM needs content consumers too. If there is no audience to appreciate the efforts of a creator, then what's the point. We hope that this change will bring subsequent increase in the number of views on 3Speak's videos and improve the quality of content.

Please let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comment section about the above suggested changes in the voting habits. It would be great to discuss more ideas to bring more traffic on 3Speak and STEEM.





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Nice update. Curious to see how this works out since it can be easily gamed, but glad you are attempting to improve voting behavior.

I did downvote this post due to self voting it to trending with Steemit Inc stake, not because I disagree with the post itself. Perhaps in the future sending rewards to null would be beneficial if the reason for doing so is for promotion aspects. Otherwise it seems like the type of voting behavior we are trying to avoid.

Hi @threespeak

The best way to enhance good content is by supporting. There is no discussion about that, but you are right to say that you cannot support everyone without lowering your voting power,
one way is for you to set a maximum of daily votes but manually so that your entire voting power is not compromised.
By recommending two votes every four hours it sounds difficult but you can do it in the following way create an alternate account where you can give resteem only to those you selected,
then to be voted on the same day.
That way you'll know who you vote for on a daily basis when you give the resteem that account is doing.

And your primary account is dedicated to your publications.

Well, that was an idea we applied to the project.


Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestion and feedback Lanzjoseg (@project.hope). We will certainly look into this strategy.


I'm glad that you like the idea I apply it since two years ago when I started with a project called @topfivefamily I do not have great voting power but I do a dynamic of three votes is called the TooTres daily for three selected, and then I use my voting power for other users.

That's my alternate account you can see how clearly this works in Spanish.

Now if you visit the @project.hope blog we also apply that form of vote control


Dear @threespeak

Would you mind if I take few minutes of your time?

Together with few core members of project.hope team - we'te trying to promote our recent publication: an article explaining economy behind our non-profit community project build on STEEM blockchain.

Perhaps I could ask you to spare few minutes and check it out and share your feedback with me.

I would absolutely appreciate it a lot. I read all comments and I drop solid upvote on each valuable one.

Link: https://steemit.com/hive-175254/@project.hope/3-ways-of-joining-our-efforts-project-hope-economy-explained

HAPPY NEW YEAR :) Hopefully 2020 won't be as scary as many expert are predicting.


This is one of the greatest services on the STEEM blockchain. I just hope there is no way for the TPTB to silence you because that's the main objective.. first censor widely used social sites and then go for the ones that are left (Threespeak)

The world is in a hurry and blockchain much more.
People have never before created and consumed so much content and in this accelerated way. Being present in steemit and building community consuming time: Hours creating content almost daily if you are interested in collecting rewards for blogging, consume daily content from your friends and news steemit, vote and socialize. If you manage projects then reduce sleeping hours because this involves another series of activities. I think people get tired after a while and that is one of the reasons why posts are deserted by comments even other posts are voted on automatically without being seen.

I think that this model should evolve to a more functional system, while this happens, apps can go one step further.

The creators of video content by vocation could take their time to make quality and attractive content, so consumers can really enjoy watching something fun, listen to an interesting opinion, listen to a great song, poetry, watch a fabulous recipe, and a long etc. and both author and consumer are well rewarded for doing this.

In the case of videos, if someone watches the entire video, this should generate a reward for both: author and consumer. Each time the video is viewed within an period of time that should not to be 7 days, maybe a month or more both parties will accumulate points. These points could then be redeemed through a booster in a comment, or in a post.

Under this system, comments from both parties could also be rewarded with redeemable points.

Then we would have less volume of videos but better quality and lots of real views and comments. Authors and consumers happy.

SP will be consumed without a doubt with this point system.

just my thoughts, because I am not a developer or anything like that.

Selectively voting only on your popular (well-paid) content creators will ensure you maximize the return on your curation reward under HF21 rules.

Thanks for information

I have noticed many times a lot of good quality video but the view is very low and very poor quality video but very much because they have more followers.And because they have more followers, they have more comments on their posts.In that case, how will your activities be?

If somebody is getting views and comments then their content has an audience irrespective of the quality which is quite subjective. There are content creators who create amazing videos just from their smartphones and a lot successful. In the long run, followers will continue to view the videos if they are interesting. We want to change our voting habits to support creators who can attract more views and watch time on their channels.

Okay,, But I think it would be a little difficult to get a view for the new comers.Then How can they get support in that case?

we have saved some VP each day for newcommers and people we see as potential growers. We will monotor this process closely, as we do not want to detract from discovering new potential. however using our old process we are also not incentivizing larger creators to share their threespeak content and onboard their communities here. so we have to find the right balance, this is our first step towards that

Quality is subjective, yes, but that's exactly why curators (supposedly) have a brain - to make that subjective decision! Only upvoting already-popular content is exactly the behaviour HF21 (and Steem in general) is trying to avoid. Bots can do that. Bots WERE doing that. It's why #NewSteem happened, to fix this problem you're purposely exacerbating.

Hello @drutter, We will not stop supporting talented and creative folks on their initial days. We allocate separate VP which will continue to reward creators doing amazing job with the videos across multiple categories. Please understand that this is just an experiment to bring a little change in our strategy that could possibly attract outside viewership on 3Speak. We want to attract creators and investors both so that creators do not have to rely on limited VP of threespeak.

Won’t it be that popular people with a fan base will get more upvotes even if the video isn’t worth it?

People who bring in views bring in ad dollars that help sustain threespeak as a business model. At the end of the day we are here to drive the price of Steem upwards. That is not to say unknown creators don’t have a chance to earn Steem on threespeak, it’s just since we have been open we have a lot of creators bringing in a lot of views and we want to make sure they get compensated. The same can be asked, what if a user brings in a ton of views and comments and get rewarded less then someone who only brought in a few views and no comments? We want to make it’s fair as possible, while still keeping a free market approach.

Sounds good. Not a bad idea

Sometimes I get a surprise vote from you guy's and it's appreciated.

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One question.... What again is the prerequisite for people to post on 3speak? I know youre all for freedom of speech but theres this girl that does what is basically a dress up commercial on 3speak which you voted up to the top of the trending page.

Nothing against her or the fact shes up there, im just curious as to if all content is now allowed on 3speak. Not just controversial stuff that might get demonetized elsewhere.

All content has always been allowed

Hmm. I did read the questionnaire you had and it seemed that you rejected those that didnt have demonetizable content.

Alright , thx for the info.

it was in the first few months. after that they made it "free" for all (it is not free :D )

Not to mention people playing game videos. I also thought it was about free speech.

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Free speech means all speech, gamers included.

Semantics. And dress it as you wish, the philosophy of the platform has changed.

How long after posting would the upvote take place? New engagement from outside of Threespeak might take more than the 1st posting day.

I link my videos to a WordPress, which goes to Twitter. So eyes take time. That's my plan anyway.

Other than that I don't have an issue with it.

the vote will happen within a day or two from posting. we did discuss 6 hours, it will vary, based on what we see as this new method rolls out. however i would lik to add that content should be self sustaining as we grow. there will be the option for content creators to monetise their content with ad revenue, as well as donations and earning from allowing users to bid their videos to top of the three speak trending list or boost their comments. with all of these ways to monetise your content, we anticipate that the threespeak vote will not be the main source of monetisation / reward for creators.

I expect that to be the future of the threespeak vote also.

Creators should also be incentivized to promote 3Speak (by telling their fans about 3Speak and upload here first). Even if they are censored on YT, they often have channels left to speak to their fans but often still have a YT channel with only some videos censored (and nearly all demonetized).

I saw some creators on dtube who used it as a backup but never talked about it or posted a link under their videos.

For example Dave Cullen (https://www.bitchute.com/profile/ldxZ8WGbPGJJ/) did that with Bichute and got a lot of fans over there. Sometimes he just makes exclusive videos for them and announce them on YT. The comment section is always filled.

That's true. This is our initiative to take community's help in onboarding such creators who can further talk about 3Speak and bring outside viewership.

Maybe take into considiration the reputation of the commentators as well :)

Make something to prevent abuse.

Hello dear @threespeak
As far as I understand, all users try to give their best. Shortcomings occur in everyone. Therefore, it becomes difficult to determine what should be the standard for quality content.
Getting comments is easy for a popular user. At the same time, it is very difficult for a new user to get a comment. Because most people visit them on posts with which they are familiar or you can say that people do not like to watch videos of new users. Do not even watch videos to comment. Most comments are made by looking at the text and title. Therefore, it should also be noted that the comments that are made should be made by watching the video so that all users, big and small, get the same opportunity. If some new users are doing something good, then that too can be seen by the people. If we do like this definitely we are encouraging new users to do good.
I think this is really good initial...


We will not stop supporting talented and creative folks on their initial days. Seperate VP is allocated which will continue to reward creators doing amazing job with the videos across multiple categories. Please understand that this is just an experiment to bring a little change in our strategy that could possibly attract outside viewership on 3Speak. In future, we will also provide an option to monetize videos through advertisements. Idea is to provide multiple ways for monetization, so that the threespeak vote will not be the only/main source of income.

Sounds fair. I know the YouTube algorithm places a lot of value on engagement, so it makes sense for 3Speak to value engagement in the forms of upvotes as well

Overall, it seems reasonable, but It also leads to the following questions:

  1. What is your plan to deal with fake views and spam comments?

  2. How are you going to deal with scripts that increase views (steemit had a similar problem)?

  3. Will the algorithm take into account traffic sources?

  4. Will the reputation component and the age of the accounts that make a comments be taken into account?

I think it's worth a try. Getting influencers AND their followers has been the holy grail that we haven't been quite able to tap into yet... Hopefully this helps with that.

Please, as for me I am a fan of 3speak but I messed up by duplicated unknowingly to me at the end I was banned. Please what do I do to uplift the ban and continue with the free speech therapy and nature. Thanks 😊

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Thanks for supporting my children, thanks for giving them a voice in a vast planet earth 🌍

Posted via Marlians.com

Its an interesting approach.. BUT i think should be balanced with exceptions... People without a following will find it hard to get out of the loop, sort of stuck in a catch 22 if they arnt yet known... so id say posts that u think are excellent should At least sometimes get supported regardless of comments...

can you also give suggestions about how to get more upvotes and respect on steemit like you

Always there is a value for quality content, I am sure this concept will be a best way of encouragement. Good job.

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If we are to have freedom of speech... shouldn't the service be free? As in free beer? What of those who can't pay? Not trying to look down on the platform, I think it's a great service but there should be some options for those who can't afford the entry fee if we are going to talk of freedom of speech. Otherwise it becomes the same as always, the rich decide the content and the poor consume it.

The problem with that is just that video is so expensive. DTube solves the cost issue by not keeping your videos on for a long time. So on DTube if you want to keep your videos online you have to host them yourself with an IPFS node.

3Speak hosts your videos, but it costs them money every day you are putting videos on. Equality is important, but you can't ask others to pay your bills for you. If a content producer doesn't bring in more money than they cost 3Speak is not able to survive as a business.

Yeah I'm fine with the fee, just that it shouldn't be required to enter the platform. You should be able to use for a month and then start paying, hopefully with your earnings from the month. But to start paying before you've even used it or know what you can actually do with it... I don't think anyone with little resources could take that risk. It's more about social inclusion than asking for free service.

Nothing wrong with risks. The world has never been only about returns. Plus it is a new platform, in time they may deliver this that you desire. On steem many things aren’t entirely risk. Even in terms of rewards, that can happen long term or as a result of a connection. Rewards take a variety of forms and so does investment.

You know, you're right. Also I thought about it for a while and any quality creator will probably find the means to pay up. The fact remains entrie fees or initial investments will always be a source of social inequity. I mean if we are only talking money and returns of course you need to risk something. If you are talking freedom of speech, that's a different matter and I believe it should be free for everyone.

Maybe the platform could allow very short videos to those new or at least the introduction video for free to see if you can get someone to support you entering the platform.

These changes make perfect sense. Steem's greatest strength as well as its greatest weakness is that is has an extraordinary short Time-to-Value for content creators. The rewards come from the common pool and the value of the pool comes from investors who invest in the entire ecosystem when they buy into the token. Why is this a great strength? Because it makes Steem very, very lucrative for content creators because they can get rewarded quite easily and quickly particularly if they're early adopters. Why is this a weakness? Because it is very easy for stakeholders to become lazy and upvote without considering the value of what is being upvoted very carefully.

Even at the current low price, Steem pays better and more quickly to most content creators after they start using the platform than any other platform. A Steem user who puts out quality content can get paid rather well long before his/her content can draw attention and generate value that way and capture it by generating advertising revenue. This is why it is absolutely necessary for stakeholders to be more discerning and concentrate rewards on behaviors that bring traffic to the platform allowing that traffic to be monetized non-speculatively.

The creators of Steem must have imagined that the opportunity to earn massive rewards quickly would have content creators climbing on top of each other to sign up and create great content to compete for the rewards. Indeed, the rewards were incredible in the summer of 2016 when the legendary ten thousand dollar make-up tutorial was posted. Such a platform should've gone viral and become the most popular content delivery platform of all times in short order. But that didn't happen. A second opportunity was given late 2017/early 2018 when the cryptocurrency bull market peaked. While a lot of content creators came on board, that number should've been orders of magnitude larger. I think what went wrong was that onboarding was way too difficult. Paradoxically, Steem was perhaps even too good to be true. Some people I tried to onboard in the summer of 2017 had real trouble with the concept of where all the money came from since there were no ads. They took it for a scam while in reality Steem was always just a new form of venture capitalism - and an exceptionally user/content creator friendly version at that.

Because the pool is over an order of magnitude less valuable now than it was during the last peak, stakeholders must be much more careful about how it is allocated. Requiring content creators to create engaging content capable of reaching the a large number of people is a must. Also, actually engaging the followers is important, too, because such engagement directly increases key metrics like time spent on site and more intangible ones like the impact on the users.

@threespeak, In my opinion every aspect is related to the Change. And sometimes we have to try different methods to bring more Adoption and Value.

We all know that one Platform cannot satisfy all the needs but it can Contribute to the bigger picture and when it's come to Steem bigger picture is Mass Adoption.

So, at first place Threespeak born to give voice to De-platformed Content Creators, so if Threespeak is putting focus towards that aspect full fledged way definitely Threespeak will be successful and will bring adoption.

Just Curious to know if Threespeak Vote Power" to Top 30 Content Creators Initiative will get altered or removed after this change?

My good wishes are with you team and hope that it will truly bring the needed value.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

Wow, veri good voting friends

popular post!

Thanks for the post.

Thanks for the post.

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@starkerz Freedom of Speech ends where hate begins. Sorry to say it, but to my mind @threespeak is beginning to look like a haven for those with hateful views, bordering on the criminal.

Whom you stand up for & protect reveals your own bias. Have you considered that you are supporting bigots and attracting the wrong kind of eyeballs to the platform —- in short, giving it a bad name & keeping serious journalists & fair-minded people away?

How about instead of giving a platform to those promoting fear and hatred of Islam—whom you are also rewarding, financially—you promote the opposite view as well: peaceful Muslims who contribute to their society & others?

Hmmm, I wonder if I should start using 3speak instead of the troublesome dtube... 🤔 Then again you're currently powering down so I'm not sure.

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