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This video is about , I created more than 2 years ago. It's so nice to see how many other apps we have then. is one of the first decentralized applications created on steem. I called it the Decentralized Facebook then because I was thinking of people leaving facebook and joining us. The website looks a bit like facebook with its blue color. Unlike steemit, it has more options, like notifications and others I showed in the video.

The newest version of the website is even much better, because it has so many options then the old one. You can login and check yourself. I like the fact that you get upvoted by if you use the application often and use the tag #busy. So, it's a good application to use for newcomers to get some support.

Since I have a big group in facebook with over 16K members, I decided to promote the website there as well.

Enjoy watching !


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  ·  9 days ago (edited) is the best old app! 👍 Is my second app I used. Small reward if you dont have more followers.

Yeah, it's awesome. That's also a good motivation to work hard to have more followers by commenting and being active in communities.