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In this video I shared tips from a nice steemian @coruscate.

She is well known steemian and very active now in #crypto community.

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Enjoy watching.

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cool video!

Hey, @clixmoney thanks for sharing such helpful tips looking forward to works on these tips.

Bro you are doing a great jobs.I like the way to promote steem.I wanted to discuss something I have an amazing proposal for you .Is there any way we can talk on discord ?l sent you a message on tipu discord channel but you were offline.I have seen your DC community as well. I will be waiting for your response.

Yeah, of course. I repliede you in discord. Now, I'm waiting from you there. ☺

Hello clixmoney!

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Hello community

Thanks for the post.

You can add this to your hit parade @arcange , it seems everything is ok with this post and noone downvoted it. I don't know why you didn't count it. I hope you didn't remove me from the list.

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