Use DuckDuckGo - Forget about chrome !

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In this video I explained why we should all move to DuckDuckGo and forget about chrome !

I think enough for us to let our personal information get used by big companies like google !

Let's all use DuckDuckGo instead and protect our privacy !

Enjoy watching !


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Good that you mention this, I use it. However, you can also use it as your search engine while using Firefox, Safari, or Chrome as web browsers.

Yeah, I mentioned that in the video.

Interesting. I did not knew so far that DuckDuckGo have their own web browser.
I know about DuckDuckGo (the search engine) for some time (probably a few years), but I mostly still use Google.

The other good thing about DuckDuckGo is that's faster. Also when I looked there for "steem" I've found better things about it like steemmonsters and steem-engine, but google doesn't show them in the first page for some reason. Also the browser is only on phone. I didn't find it for windows.

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