Are feminists right with their protests in the world ?

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In this video and post I want to share my ideas about feminism, because I'm a married man and since my wife start to watch videos about faminimism in youtube, she changed her behavior and becaue of that we argue a lot and sometimes we even have little scandals. We have also a little two years old baby and I don't want him to hear all that. We lived with my wife 3 years in full love and happiness and the birth of our baby didn't affect our relation, even if some people they say that when the mother is taking care of the baby, she takes less care of husband, but that wasn't the case. I can say that after our baby was born we became even closer. That was in his first year, but after that she started to watch those feminists and I start to feel that they are poisining her head about men. Our relation is getting a bit worse... .

Even today we talked about this topic and I can't share all the details, but I can say that the effect of feminism on our little family is huge. I worry of course about our future. I want our baby to see his parents always together, not like me who have seen how his parents brake up after living almost 15 years together. I was about 15 years old and that was a
disaster for me.*

So, after @theycallmedan run World Unrest Awareness Initiative, I decided to talk about this topic because that's hurting me and my family !

I understand the issue and why exactly feminists are doing that. They want to do everything men is doing. But, I think that's impossible, because man are stronger anyway and that's a fact. Let's take an example of the construction, can you guess why mostly man work there ? It's simple, because that's not that easy work to do. They lift usually heavy things, that woman can't lift at all, or she does that, it will be really hard or even harmful. Even psychologically there are things that woman can't resist at all, but the man can surpass that and always find the solution of his mental issue.

I'm not telling you that woman is weak, but I say that there are a lot of things are created especially for men that woman shouldn't participate in them, just like a man can't do things women can do. Let's take the example of siducing of an other man. Some women are professional in that. 😉

I also agree that women can resist something more than man as well. Like giving birth. It's even proven by sientists that man can't even resist that and his body is not at all ready for that even if he has feminine genitals.

So, from all this I think it's easy to state facts about that man and women are not always the same.

Of course man shoudln't harm a woman, just like he shouldn't harm an other man. When faminists talk about rape and violence, I wonder if woman can be also vilent ? When they say why they are not polititians, I say that they are more emotional than men maybe. Am I right ? Will a politician women more likely push the button of nucluar weapon ?

I want also to comfirm that I believe in equality between men and women and I'm not sexist at all. But, I'm just trying to be logic. I just don't like fanatism in any thing. It's doesn't matter if it come from men or women !

So, seeing so many protests from feminists in the world is making me wonder if they have family to take care about or a work to do or something more important. In my opinion, usually leaders of those protects don't even join. They usually manupulate the crowd and let them do all the dirty work. That's why I've never been in a protest in my life.

Look for example at what's happened in Madrid where thousands of protestors gathered there :

Or in Spain where topless feminists interapted the parlament resetion :

Or when Pussy Riot attacked Putin in Germany I guess :

Or much more crazy things they are doing in the world to spoil minds of normal women who want to build a family with their lovely husbands.

I'm not saying that all feminits are the same, but I personally disliked the term feminism because it sound fanatic to me.

I like also rational thinking from people like Finn Mackay. She's also a feminist, but she defend the right of women in a very intelegent and peaceful way.

That's why I'll even follow here in twitter here :

And even invite her to steem because I would like her to join @threespeak to make sure that her content will not be censored and it will stay for ever in the blockchain.

I hope we will have less agressive people in this world in all the fields.

Peace. ✌️

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  ·  13 days ago (edited)

Well I think you should listen to your wife with an open mind and see how much of what she is saying is right.

She has the right to explore new ideas and evolve into whatever her heart is guiding her into, whether it's being with you or not.

If you truly love her you'll support her, find out which machist behaviors you might be having that might be hurting her in someway and do your best to learn from this.

Hope you can both find balance and instead of heated argumentation, find the chance to make love in all possible ways.

Thanks a lot for such comment. I'm sure that I'm not doing anything wrong and we are living just like before. Those ideas of feminists in youtube are really spoiling her mind. I mean she watch too much of them maybe. Or maybe they are doing that by purpose since they themselves don't have families and they are not happy as well, that's why they just try to ruin happiness of others. Of course she is free to listen to anything she wants, but some people are really like a poison.

I will only insist on two ideas: "open mind and love". All else works out on it's own.

Do you think that feminists are right about what they are doing ?

I think right and wrong are outdated concepts and that consciousness has many layers. The way we perceive life changes from person to person, and if we truly wish to share life with another we have to learn to see from their perspective. As I said before, if she is interested in those videos there are probably many reasons why. Your wife, just as you, is human who is constantly thinking, feeling and learning. Do an effort to learn along with her and then come together to evolved conclusions. And most importantly, forget who is right and who is wrong, love isn't about moral judgement.

I know and I'm good with my wife. I'n not ok about agressive methodes of spreading ideas. Just like religious people or any type of people who are stick to an idea they can say any thing to prove it. In the case of feminists they are speading that men are evil. That's what I don't like. Both men and women can be good people or not. The most important is the mutual respect and to be a rational human.

Remember we are rational, emotional and spiritual. Reason is important, but so is everything else.

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