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Alright so I'm going to be reviewing this video by Jared Taylor talking about demographic change.

Jared Taylor is a person trying to save the white race from replacement and other things, and obviously this is a topic, you know, white genocide or white replacement and that kind of topic, that even if you might disagree with it, unfortunately these are topics that I cannot post about on our usual platforms. It might survive on those platforms or it might not but it is just not worth the risk to lose those platforms, platforms that we worked so hard to build on.

So that's why I'm posting it on @threespeak. 3speak is based on the Steem blockchain and you don't need to know how it works you just need to know that it's impossible to remove this content.

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You know technically, you can make money by getting upvotes on this platform but the main reason why I think you should support this platform is because it is so anti-censorship, not just philosophically but also technically.

Like other platforms, if people change their minds they can always start censoring but this one can't. So make an account and comment down below, I mean you don't need to make an account if you just want to watch this video but if you want to comment, you need to make an account (or Login with Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Anyways, enough of the fluff.. let's get into this video.

Hello, I'm Jared Taylor with American Renaissance. If it turns out you like this video, please send it to some friends because it is not going to get promoted in the usual way. I'm sure you're aware of what's called the Great Replacement. The fact that in every Western country, the proportion of whites drops every year, but did you know that if you go to YouTube, and try to find a video on The Great Replacement, you'll get a helpful message, right at the top of the page telling you that The Great Replacement is a white nationalist, right wing conspiracy theory.

Umm.. well okay.. I think he kind of switches things.. I mean there's two different things. One of them is a fact and the other one is a conspiracy theory. And when you point at which one is a conspiracy theory, a lot of these alt-right people say "Oh so you think that white people in the demographics are not being reduced".

Here's what happens. The percentage of white people is being reduced, that's just fact, but when you say "Oh it's a conspiracy theory" people will say "Oh, so you are actually denying fact".

But no, you are not denying facts because what makes it a conspiracy theory is the part that claims this is an active, major plan by some people, and by some people they usually mean the "Evil Jews", usually that's what they mean.

I don't think Jared Taylor means that but a lot of the right wing, alt right people do mean that... that they are actively trying to replace the white people, to destroy the white race, right?

So the conspiracy theory part is not just that the white population is being reduced in numbers, that is just fact, and you cannot deny the fact, that's just numbers. The conspiracy theory part is that this is being done on purpose to the white people.

So you just switch it and this is the trick that they play, to make it look like the alt right, are brave people that don't deny the facts, and everybody else is just offended by the facts.

Or that everyone else calls any fact that they don't like a conspiracy theory but no, no, we agree that the white population is being reduced but that is not why we call it a conspiracy theory.

Last March the New York Times added, helpfully, that The Great Replacement is a racist and misogynistic conspiracy theory. It went on to say...

Hmmm. Why does it say it's misogynistic... because of rising immigration in the West and falling birthrates among white women.

Okay, so if you just read it like that and don't think about it you'll think that the article is just being ridiculous. Like how can something about white replacement be about women. But if you actually know what a lot of these alt right people say, they do blame it on women, for making their own decisions and becoming more career oriented.

You know. white women are "being tricked by the evil Jews" into becoming Feminists and not having children, and again, that it's on purpose a way to destroy the white race. So in that sense you could be like yeah, well it's misogynistic as well. Basically, apparently women making their own decisions is an evil plan by the Jews and if you look at the way that Jared is talking about it and just goes to the next line, you think it's just ridiculous and how could this article be calling it misogynistic. But if you are familiar with alt right narratives, you might conclude that yeah, it is misogynistic.

It went on to say, as a group, white people are only maybe, possibly becoming a smaller share of the population in the United States and Europe.

Yeah I don't know why this article is saying that white people are only "maybe possibly, maybe becoming a smaller share of the population". They are! So I agree with Jared in that this is ridiculous that they are saying "maybe possibly becoming" because that's just the numbers.

The disagreement with the alt right is not that this is not fact. The disagreement with the alt right is that it is not a tragedy. Why does it fucking matter that the white population is becoming a smaller share of the population. Why does it matter? It wouldn't matter if they are becoming more. It wouldn't matter if they are becoming less, it wouldn't matter if they were staying the same.

Who gives a shit. Why would anybody give a shit. The only time we should give a shit if a race is being reduced in numbers is if they are being killed, if there is a demographic replacement by a Government by not letting them move around or not letting them have children, if their freedoms are being taken away.

If their being harmed in any way, that would be a great concern. But if the numbers of a race is increasing or decreasing or staying the same just naturally and organically, who gives a shit, why would it matter?

Only maybe, possibly.

Yeah so to be fair to Jared that is ridiculous. Why would it say that when it is just statistics. I don't know, maybe there was some context that I missed. Let me know in the comments.

The United States was 90% white in 1964 and we are down to just over 60% now and are projected to become a minority by 2042.

So fucking what. So fucking what. Like why does that matter to you. Why does that matter to you. Oh by the way, a lot of people these alt right people would say, oh well would you say the same thing about Jewish people if they were being replaced, if their numbers were becoming low.

If the Jewish race ended at some point. Is that something you are brave enough to say @arminnavabi? What about your own race?

And my response to that is "Yeah. Who gives a shit about any of those as well." If the Jewish race completely disappeared. If they disappeared because maybe, I don't know, mixed marriage, or stuff that didn't harm anybody like who gives a shit. They wouldn't exist anymore.

If the Jewish people are being erased because they are being killed, that's a concern. If the Jewish people are becoming less because you are stopping them from having children, taking their mobility away or taking their freedoms away, that is a concern.

If the Jewish race just disappears because they decide to start marrying other people, who gives a shit, my race, who gives a shit, why does that matter. Nobody from the alt right has yet been able to explain to me, why does that matter.

And yet they are talking about this as if it's the greatest tragedy like WTF if it is happening just because people are living their life making decisions on how to live, them themselves without it being forced on them. Why would it be a crime on the white race?

The French are on their way to becoming a minority in France.

Yeah. See, you see this picture and it concerns me as well. But not because the French people are being replaced as a race but because they are being invaded by an ideology. These people's race doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what race they are.. what they believe matters. What's in their head matters and their beliefs.

What they are spreading, the ideas that might spread in France, that matters. The person's race doesn't matter at all but yeah, this image concerns me as well. In France as well and other things. But to be fair, France is taking great measures against it but that's another topic.

The point is that you scare people by showing them the spread of this ideology that people should be concerned about but then you mix it with your race which isn't relevant.

In California, in 50 years.

Look again, look at this picture. You are probably going to talk about Latinos and stuff like that but look at the picture that you are choosing to share, right? You are not showing Latino in suits, you know business people, or people working. I mean they don't have to be in suits or anything, they could just be doing something productive. But you just have to show people the worst possible as an example. I don't know what these tattoos mean but to anyone that doesn't know, these tattoos might mean that you are a gang member but I don't know.

Tattoos doesn't necessarily mean that you are a gang member but people know that people who are tattooed like this, if you look at an image, you associate them with being gang members and things like that. So that's why you are choosing this image.

And why is it, it bothers me the other way around as well. Like in Universities and Colleges, the images that they use they always try to use images that are demographically diverse where there are always black people and Muslim people and they are all smiling and happy.

That is just cringy but on the other side, you know you never see the alt right videos if they want to show black people, or Muslims, they never show good pictures. They just have to show images of them that they know is going to come across as disturbing to their audience.

It is just manipulation with the images. If you being honest, if you have the facts on your side you don't have to manipulate people with these types of images.

Whites went from 90% to 40%.

Oh in California the whites went from 90% to 40%. Who cares. Who cares.

What matters is what ideas what skills and ideas the immigrants are bringing. That could be a concern. I am not saying that immigration is not a concern. But it is only a concern when it comes to if they are bringing the jobs that are needed.

It doesn't have anything to do with race. Your emphasis is on the wrong place when it comes to immigration. Immigration could be a concern, in some situations it's not a concern. In some situations it's helpful and in some situations it's not helpful but none of this depends on the race of the immigrants.

Farhad Manjoo claims bluntly that The Great Replacement is a lie.

I know how he really likes to place an emphasis on the name of the author.

  • "Farhad Manjoo"

This might be an assumption but I feel like just signaling to his audience that this non-white person is giving opinions about us white people. Who does he think he is?"

Now how can you pretend to be a serious newspaper and print this stuff. Well I bet, Farhad Manjoo would change his tune.

Well you know, saying "Farhad Manjoo" is kind of like saying Barrack Hussein Obama, you know, it's kind of like a secret, subtle way of saying fuck you to somebody. I don't know if you detect it but if you keep listening to alt right context you'll notice it.

You know this subtle way of trying to remind people that this guy is not welcome here. Or has no right or is obviously against us. Just by pronouncing their name.. their foreign name. Or foreign in their eyes. Obviously this person is American and deserves to be in America unlike what these people say.

Farhad Manjoo would be happy to change his tune and talk about The Great Replacement if we called it The Great Enrichment instead of The Great Replacement. You see, whether we are allowed to talk about it seems to depend on what thing. If you think filling up formerly white countries with non-whites is a good thing or a bad thing. If you think it's a good thing you can talk about all you like. You can glory in it and think about all the wonderful things you think will bring when whites lose control of their countries.

White lose control of their countries? To me it's as dumb as saying.. okay. Let's say.. more people before used to have mustaches. And now if you look at the demographics, less people have mustaches today. So technically, people with mustaches are losing control of their countries. This is as dumb as that, right? Who cares. Let's say people are becoming taller, demographically.

Let's say people in this so and so country are becoming taller, for whatever reason. That means that shorter people are losing control over that country. What? I mean who gives a shit. Demographics changing it only matters when it comes to the ideas that people are holding, their skills and all that stuff.

These videos usually just start with a premise. The premise that never is justified or argued for that it just remains. Why does it matter? Throughout history so many other races came and went but it's not a tragedy. The way they went might be a tragedy.

Back in 2002. Political scientist Ruy Teixeira and John B. Judis wrote a book called, The Emerging Democratic Majority. They didn't talk about replacement. They talked about the "browning" of America and I guess I am just too stupid to notice the difference. But they pointed out that non-whites vote overwhelmingly democratic and they point out that soon there will be so many of them that Republicans will be shoved aside, permanently. They happily predicted that this would bring about a new progressive era.

Yeah but the issue with that is that people could, these people in the demographics could change their opinion. A lot of the people in these demographics used to vote differently. So again, even if you show that people in this demographic have these ideas, they are not married to it. These things can change.

As an activist that is in the business of changing people's opinions, I can tell you that you could change people's opinions and even if people in a certain race have certain opinions, that can change. They are not stuck to it forever. So again, if you look at that report, maybe it's true that certain demographics vote differently.

You can see that the emphasis is that race is not the major issue. The way they are voting is the issue. Their behavior. The way they vote, and if you want to address that, if you don't like it a certain way that certain demographic votes, well you can try to change their opinion.

You don't have to see it like okay "You vote this way so you're a threat to us". What are you going to do? Are you going to be against that entire race? If you don't like the positions that people have, what you can do is you can change people's opinions. People tend to do that. People of all races tend to do that.

On October 19th, 2015 it ran a piece called the NRA would fall. It's inevitable. Just look at the demographics.


Here's what it said. Whites tend to favor gun rights over gun control (57% - 40%) by a significant margin. Yet whites, who comprise of 63% of the population today won't be in the majority for long. Racial minorities are soon to be the majority, and they are the nation's strongest supporters of strict gun laws.

Yeah this is a pretty bad strategy anyways. Even if I disagree with this guy. If you are trying to import people to vote for you then you are not actually checking what your country needs. If you are importing people from other people's country just so that you could get people to vote for you, I agree that it would be a problem but again, your solution is what?

Your solution would be the other way around. To just be against people coming into your country just because of their race, both of those would be wrong, in fact yours is even more wrong.

You see the article takes The Great Replacement for granted. And looks forward to the inevitable end of gun rights.

Yeah but nobody calls it The Great Replacement. They don't take it for granted. People admit that the demographics are changing. There are not that many people that deny that the demographics are changing.

When you call it The Great Replacement of white people, people are like "Yeah, you believe in the conspiracy version of it which is that this is being done to white people, just to get rid of the white race", right?

Because for some reason people just don't like white people. That's conspiracy level shit especially when it gets mixed with Jewish people. When it gets mixed with it being done to the country by Jews.

If I say, now what a minute, well I don't like what's happening. The Farhad Manjoo will say, it's not even happening. It's all lies.

Where. Where has he ever said that Farhad Manjoo guy. Do you actually believe that? Do you think he would say that the demographics are not changing? No. You're just making it up. You're just assuming that.

Well we had elections here in Virginia last week, and democrats whiped out Republicans in both houses of the state legislators.


Every statewide office is now in Democratic hands. Governor. Lieutenant Governor. Attorney General. Both U.S. Senators, and Virginia votes a Democrat for U.S. President. Well did you know that in 2000 it was completely the reverse. The state was Republican across the board. Well, what changed? In a column called "How States like Virginia Go Blue" the Washington Free Beacon explained the importance of race. It pointed out that since 1990 the number of Virginians born overseas raised from 5% to 12%. Hispanics more than tripled from 3% to 10%, and Asians tripled too, from 2% to 7% and they voted Democrat. The New York Times has the same explanations in an article titled "How Voters Turned Virginia from Deep Red to Solid Blue". It said, "Once the heart of the confederacy, Virginia is now the land of Indian grocery stores, Korean churches, and Diwali festivals.

That's great I like that. Actually you know it is enrichment. If the immigrants that are coming are bringing shitty ideas like Islam, then those are things that shouldn't be welcome. But when it comes to bringing in culture, if culture doesn't mean moral values, if culture actually means food, dance, art, than that is enrichment. That is enrichment of culture, of country, and that has happened throughout history many times. Many other centuries of civilizations of advanced empires, their capitals experienced it. I mean if you went to Rome, if you went to Baghdad. You see that cultural enrichment. And if you go to a city and you see a diversity, not a diversity of values because I do believe some values are inferior and some values are superior and the inferior values need to die. But if it's a diversity of food, art, dance, that is cultural enrichment and that should be celebrated. And that's a good thing that immigration offers.

While political leaders come and go, the deeper more lasting picture is demographics. Here's another headline: "Today's election paints a picture of Changing Demographics". And here's a really cute one: "The Demographic Tide Washes Over Virginia". Nice little pun on demographics. Even conservatives seem to be catching on. The Daily Wire noticed that both the New York Times and the Washington Post clearly stated that mass immigration and demographic changes fueled demographic change in Virginia.

So what's the problem? If these people are actually becoming citizens in the proper way and they are voting, you're just worried that they don't agree with you? Well sir, maybe your ideas are shit and that's why people are not agreeing with you.

So if people are becoming citizens in the legal way and they are voting against you than that's your problem. Maybe you should either change your ideas as a Republican, or if your ideas are good, maybe you should try to convince them that your ideas are better.

Instead of not letting them in, even if they are becoming citizens in the proper and legal way. You need to figure out how to address that. It's not their problem, it's your problem.

Well Farhad Manjoo said The Great Replacement is a lie.

Yeah, The Great Replacement, your version of it is a lie. But the statistic change and the numbers, I don't think anyone is denying that. Well yeah, not that many people are denying it I mean.

He was writing in 2018 about how close a black woman Democrat was close to becoming a elected Governor of Georgia. She wrote "Right now, America is tearing itself apart as an embittered white conservative minority clings to power

Okay. I don't like this. I agree with you there. What he said in that article is racist against white people. So I agree with that. This kind of language against white people or white conservatives, you know, mentioning their race.

If you disagree with people just tell them why you disagree with them. Why do you have to bring up their race? What does their race have to do with anything? Just tell them why they are wrong.

"All these white conservatives".. as soon as you try to mention some person's race whether it's white or black or whatever.. purple. If you are using people's race as a way to attack them or belittle them you are part of the problem. You are racist.

terrified at being swamped by a new multiracial polyglot majority.

This whole celebration of "Oh white people are terrified" and these "woke" people on the left.. not everybody on the left, but some of the people on the left, the cult of woke people, they are celebrating saying "Oh hurray, the white people are scared" clap clap clap and laughing.

You know, fuck off. You guys are racist as well. There are some people on the right, again #NotAllPeopleOnTheRight and #NotAllPeopleOnTheLeft #NotAll just assume not all. Put a hashtag NOT ALL on top of my head so I don't have to say it every time, but you're all racist. Both on the right and on the left. So just fuck off, all of you.

Should whites be terrified? The title of Ms. Golberg's article was "We Can Replace Them".

Yeah, I mean seriously. If you're talking about white people and you are also talking about "We can replace them" then you are an asshole. You're a racist asshole. But again, this is not a very common view. This is not what a lot of people on the left think about. Just like a lot of people on the right are not worried about the "great replacement". Most people on the right are not bigots. And most people on the left are not saying "Oh yay, let's replace white people".

So you have to find an article like this and share it but this doesn't represent most people on the left.

I don't see how you can get more explicit than that.

Yeah, that's just one person. Do you really think that a lot of people are actively trying to replace white people, like that's their plan?

Maybe she can explain what's happening to her colleague Farhad, since it's pretty much common knowledge now. Editor of a now defunct weekly standard Bill Kristol tweeted this: "One has to say that today, in America, demography sure seems to be destiny."

Let's read the full context instead of just the part that is highlighted:

I've always disliked the phrase "demography is destiny," as it seems to minimize the capacity for deliberation and self-government, for reflection and choice. But looking at tonight's results in detail, one has to say that today, in America, demography sure seems to be destiny.

Yeah this is what a lot of alt right people say. That demographics is destiny. I don't know why they care about demographics. Why do they care about the numbers of their race, it's destiny, really?

You know ideas matter more than people's races. It's all about ideas.

If you looked at the way people with mustaches voted compared to people without mustaches, I'm pretty sure that you could see that less people with mustaches are voting now, but does that make mustaches destiny?

If you looked at the way people who are right handed vote compared to the way people who are left handed vote, because obviously they are not going to be exactly the same. So what does that mean? Does that mean that being right-handed or left-handed is destiny?

Correlation is not causation. The main thing that drives the way that people behave is their ideas, and ideas can be changed. That's the beautiful thing about ideas. You don't have to be for or against a person's race, because people's ideas are not tied to their race. They can be separated from each other.

Even if they are tied right now that doesn't have to be.

Even if you show that there is a correlation, and even if there is causation in some situations, the thing is that the bond between the race and the idea is not permanent, it can be broken. By just talking to people and treating them like more than just numbers.

Try that! If you're saying that "This specific race thinks this so fuck that".. well maybe you could talk to them and then change their ideas. Have you tried that. This is what activism looks like. Activism is not saying, "Hey let's say no to people who are left-handed because they seem to have voted differently." Just go spread the ideas that you think will make society work better.

Ideas are the key drivers about whether society is working, or not working. Just compare North Korea and South Korea. The difference is day and night, literally if you look at them from space. These are people with the same race, same history, same geography, same everything but different ideas and look at the difference. If that doesn't show you that ideas matter more than ethnicity than I don't know what will.

And in a tweet below he writes "We're running a census as much as we are running an election. American elections have been a racial headcount for years. Back when the United States was overwhelmingly white, you became President when you won the majority of the white vote. Well not anymore. The last time, a majority of whites voted for a Democrat, was for Lindon Johnson in 1964, 55 years ago.

Who gives a shit?

Now a Democrat can lose the white vote and still win, thanks to non-whites.

Who gives a shit. Why does it matter.

Every Democrat President since Johnson, that includes Carter, Clinton and Obama, won with only a minority of the white vote. Mr. Obama just got 45%. What this means is that white people didn't get the President they wanted. Why? Because of The Great no, no...

Many of them did.

Because of the white supremacist conspiracy theory. Now who did Farhad Manjoo and his pals think they're fooling? They're telling us we are morally wrong to notice things that are not just objectively true, but that everyone knows to be true. It's hard to see this as anything but deliberate deception.

Deliberate. How do you know? How do you know it's deliberate?

Again, I don't know what this Farhad Manjoo or this other lady thinks but the part that's undeniable is the numbers, you're right. If someone is denying that than they are fooling themselves. But the part that is a conspiracy theory, is something that you know yourself exists among your followers but you are smart enough not to highlight it. The fact is that the white replacement, or The Great Replacement, whatever the fuck you call it, the part of it that is a conspiracy theory is that these numbers are happening because there is a plan behind it to wipe out the white race, and that is nonsense.

By people who want your country.

People who want "Your country" again, I don't read people's mind but if you keep consuming this content you can get what they are saying "These non-white people want to take away your country" even though they are citizens of your country so technically it's their country as well.

Anyways. I'm going to end this video.. I mean this is the end of the video anyways. Let me know what you think in the comment section, if you disagree with me, if you agree with him, also let me know since I'm willing to change my mind on anything.. ANYTHING.

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Different ethnic groups have different genes. Different genes lead into different behaviour in multitude things - whatever its culture, politics or even diets. Your genetic group might be more compatible with Vegan diet and hence you would be more likely to advocate for vegatarian/vegan policies (meat tax / meat ban etc.) but then you may have genetic groups that may have allergies to certain pool of vegetables, which has lead them to to advocate culture/diets that are more meat focused.

There hasn't been a single non-white majority country in this planet that has truly advocated Minarchist/libertarian state, based on historical data and personal anecdotes whites tend to be most liberal class in this planet. Human Rights, Animal Rights, Environmental Rights are all movements started by white people.

Point being that non-whites tend to be lot more conservative and authority orientated people, not to say there aren't white ethnic groups that aren't conservative, i'm just saying by average.

Any type of a ethnostate makes lot of sense, when you want to prefer a ethnic group that is more similar than yours so you can access to political system that is gonna be more okay with majority of the people. America's politics is a huge mess and immense division among people, riots etc. - same thing in UK/France, social cohesion in multi-cultural countries is just bad.

However the argument for White-ethnostate in USA, doesn't make much sense to me, maybe u could give a 1% of landmass in nevada or something, but moral claim to the land wouldn't fly in my book. Totally different story on Europe. Multi-culturalism is just capitalist ploy that is inherently immoral

I don't know why folks are so threatened by humans who are different. Why not see the opportunities presented as augmentation of our lives, as enrichment as you say? Like you, I don't give a shit if demographics change, as long as the change comes about naturally as adjustments to shifts in conditions. The video you discussed has become of an ubiquitous sort - designed to promote and preserve a certain extreme opinion. These promotional pieces have become easy for me to identify. For instance and as you point out, the photos and names he chose to present support his premise but are not representative of a larger and truer picture, a picture that would also present the good we gain from allowing others who differ from us into our lives. Unfortunately, we have come to accept fear of others as a given, and that does not need to be the case. I hope we are in a transition phase, and fellows like this Jared Taylor are actually stepping stones to a more flexible and effective world. We focus on the little things (loss of white "power") and look away from the larger things, murder for profit for example. As usual, I could go on for hours about what you've given here today. Thank you for your thoughts, I find them very valuable and they have already come in handy more than once in my discussions with others.

change comes about naturally

it does not.

You raise a good point. As I sit here trying to defend my statement, I find I can not define what I mean by "natural".

All change is to some degree natural. I tend to accept differences as welcome, and shifts to include the differences I would regard as natural. But shifts made to resist change by means of law, genocide, and war I regard as unnatural.

All arguments of this sort circle round to how to define "good" and "evil".

evil = to force unnecessary pain onto other human beings

i agree, entropy rises with time. But please first betwenn regional borders (so first mix German with Polish, Spanish with Portugues, etc) and let culture grow slow and not force into a non functioning tower of babylon within decades if not even years. Mass migration after 2015 TO Europa is definetaly NOT natural (empowered by media, man mad wars, etc.)

Thank you for this conversation.

I agree about the definition of evil, except that now we need to define "pain". In the US right now, we have a very large movement to include "hurt feelings" as pain that should be illegal, specifically legislation is pending against hate speech. I consider any laws passed that would make hate speech illegal an unnatural action, but laws that make bodily or property harm illegal as natural.

What do you think? Where should the line that forces a type of behavior be drawn?

hatespeech is a form of censorship in my opinion or at least a sign of massive childishness within a society. Nobody can really define what hatespeech really is. If the love of my life rejects me, this is going to hurt me hard. Should she be forced by the state to finally marry me, if i win the hatespeech lawsuit? I think not.

I think every society should define their values on their own, but i think hatespeech doesn't foster a good dwelling of a community.

I prefer to see status quo. When demographic changes too rapidly, it's not a good sign

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The force is with you! You got a 16.00% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @steemyoda!

It's nice to see that you are open minded and that you are willing to discuss about this topic which is definitely one that most people avoid!!!!

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Good video. It's shocking what is happening in the World today. Keep it up!

All you have to do is look around the world to understand.

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https://steemit.com/informationwar/@endless.drugs/the-great-replacement-is-real-white-genocide-explained Well here you have an old post of mine explaining my perspective on the topic. I am not a fascist or a national socialist (Nazi) by the way, I hate them as much as communists...

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