$61.65 billion is what Germany will be using to support municipalities hit by Covid-19. Meanwhile, the Nigerian government is still criminally taxing her citizens.

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According to reports, the German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz is working on an aid package worth 57 billion euros ($61.65 billion) to help municipalities cope with plunging tax revenues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
The question now is, "since countries like USA, Canada, Europe, Kenya, Ghana etc are said to be making things easy for her citizens, why can't Nigeria, the giant of Africa who lucratively sold Oil for over 50 years do the same for her citizens?"

President Trump of the United States is the leader in the "stimulus package game" and he is still working on making sure he prints as much money as he can to help Americans.
I won't say I blame him because, as a businessman, it is easy to revive a business but very impossible to revive a dead man.


Germany which is Europe's largest economy is facing its deepest recession since the Second World War.Screenshot_20200516155303.jpg
Despite a slight easing of the lockdown which was in place to fight the virus, there still is a drop in business activity and also a hit in tax revenues which has left a hole in the municipal's finances.

Nigeria is still collecting taxes from her citizens despite the lockdown. coronavirus4991979__480.webp

I was served a light bill yesterday and the figure is just insane for a month.
According to the official, the bill was estimated, meaning, an idiot sat down behind his desk and came up with a figure and is now forcing me to pay or face disconnection. How do you pay bills in an economy that doesn't allow you go to work or trade?

The Nigerian government is insensitive and criminally insane. There is no stimulus package, no jobs to go to.
Lots of people have lost their jobs, businesses have closed down yet, the government is still in the business of looting and taxing the people.

I cannot even start to imagine what will happen if this lockdown in Nigeria continues for the next two months with the government not supporting the citizens and still taxing them.

Scam palliative news. Screenshot_20200516172425.jpg

There was talks of a stimulus package designed to give citizens NGN10,000.00 which is less than $39, and way less than $100.
Meanwhile, supporting countries are giving their citizens as much as $1200 to help them stay alive while this all blows away.
When they were not given the support and went on to lie there were, we saw the office of the Accountant General razed down by fire thereby denying us a chance to see the records of support provided like they claimed.

The fire resulted in the loss of vital documents showing where the money is and what it was used for. There was also talks of the money being in the office during the fire outbreak.

Who do us like this?

It is sad that things still happen this way. There seems to be no plan to help people cope with this lockdown.
It is like the governemnt is hell bent on eliminating the people by keeping them locked indoors while depriving them of the needed assistance they deserves as freeborn, patriotic and tax paying citizens of their country.

What is the way forward?
Is there a country out in the field right now that has the kind of resources Nigeria has that is not helping her people?

And they shamelessly come out to lie before the world.

Take a sneak peak at the below links to see how criminally insane these guys are.

Make the world a better place for someone today!


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You've posted this publication within #hive--175254 instead of posting it in Project.hope community (I'm guessing you've made a mistake somehow).

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